Zvereve plays almost perfectly, wins Alcaraz and goes to the middle of Roland Garros – 05/31/2022

About a month ago, when Carlos Alcaraz (now 6th in the world, 20 years old) and Alexander Zverev (# 3, 25 years old) They faced off in the final of the 1000 Masters in Madrid, the Spaniard dominated the action and won two easy sets. This Wednesday, in a year Roland Garros, the roles were reversed. Zvereve gave a technical and tactical lesson, playing a perfect game from the back court and throwing the responsibility to the big boy, who, confused and impatient, accumulated unforced errors and lost rest points. In the end, the German, in the unlucky bookmakers, got the win 6/4, 6/4, 4/6 and 7/6 (7)inside 3:18 p.m.and passed to the finals By Roland Garros.

It was the first time in 12 attempts that Zverev had defeated a top tennis player in a Grand Slam tournament. He is now waiting for the duel between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic to find out who his next opponent will be. The Spanish-Serbian duel will also take place this Wednesday at 3:45 pm (Brazilian time) on the Philippe Chatrier court.

How it happened

The duel started very differently from what happened in Madrid, where Alcaraz dominated from the first minutes. This Tuesday, Zverev proved to be much stronger from the back of the court. However, he had to save a break point in the second game. What was not so consistent was Alcaraz. While the German managed to keep the ball deep and strong, the Spaniard accumulated mistakes and even when he tried to attack he could not unbalance his opponent enough. In the fifth game, Zvereve got his first chances. Alcaraz saved the first with a break point, but in the second he tried a serve ball and failed. After the break, Sascha lost just two points in the serve and closed out the partial in 6/4.


The second half began with Alcaraz putting pressure on Zverev, but the Spaniard wasted a break in the fourth game, sending the Germans away from the second free kick. Time passed, and the Spaniard became more and more patient with what was happening. After the break, the cameras told Carlitos “It can’t be!” they were shown shouting again and again. Shortly afterwards, the history of the initial set was repeated. Before a break, Alcaraz tried the ball again. Again, it was broken if it went wrong, allowing Sascha to open 5/3.

Driven by the crowd, the Spaniard still managed to put pressure on Zverev before the end of the set and, after a spectacular point that included his wolf and short, he got one last break. Alcaraz, however, missed the opportunity with an unforced error – a long left. Shortly afterwards, with an ace, Sascha closed the partial and opened 2 sets to 0.

Decide shorts

Going to the net didn’t help Alcaraz at halftime, nor was it a good idea in the ninth game of the third set, when the score was 4/4. In the first point of the match, the Spaniard tried and took a pass. He also made a double mistake and soon had another break point. This time, no sake and no volley. He saved the Spaniard a little short. In the next game, with a 4/5 kick from Zvereve, the Spaniard continued to invest in drop shots. The three shorts took the German straight off the court and gave Alcarazi the first break of the match and the third set: 6/4.

Zverev is good for the game and does not close

When the fourth set started, Alcaraz had no hesitation and confirmed his services without much trouble. Moreover, the Spaniard made fewer mistakes, matching the number of unforced errors in Zverev for the first time in the match. The German, however, continued to take very good care of his free kick, giving the big boy little chance. Sasha’s patience paid off in the ninth game. First, with Alcaraz on the net, Zverev made a perfect pass to reach 0:30. Then Alcaraz made a mistake and received two breaks (15/40).

Zverev missed a second-half return in the first, but Alcaraz missed a double at the break and gave up the game. After that, Sascha had to confirm his free kick and seal his place in the middle, but he didn’t even come close. With two unforced errors, the 3rd in the world gave the Spaniard three break points. In the second half, a winning left by Alcaraz equalized once again (5/5).

The decision then went to the tie-break, and Zverev took the lead, scoring a perfect mini-break with a perfect short, but Alcaraz bounced back. One more mini-break on each side and, in the side round, the scoreboard showed 3/3. The Spaniard took the lead with a partial 5/4 with two short and a lob after a shot, but the German made the left of the victory and equalized the score. Alcaraz, however, made an impressive parallel to the left to reach the set point (6/5), but missed the opportunity when a left-hander failed. Zverev’s free-kick went just wide of the post. In the second half, however, the German did not apologize. He made the return win in parallel and then just celebrated.


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