Zé Ricardo reduces the crisis in Grêmio and predicts difficulties for Vasco: “They want to change the situation” | Basque

Zé Ricardo won the truce as a result of the last good results, but he knows what it is like to put pressure on him. This Thursday, against Grêmio, at 20:00, in São Januárion, he will face Roger Machado, the coach who is going through a difficult moment and who can be released if he stumbles.

This Wednesday, on the eve of the match, CT Moacyr Barbosa, Zé Ricardo defended the class, demanded a change of mentality in Brazilian football and announced a very difficult match against Grêmio, also due to the situation of the opponent. Gautxo is fifth in Serie B, four points behind Vasco, but has not won in four games.

– We really need, as a football community, to change the key and the mentality. We need to understand that every job takes time to mature. Always, the work done over time ends up getting the best results. We have a different reality from Grêmi, different from other groups. Of course, every day we are looking to evolve and grow.

– Maybe it’s time to take Gremio. We know the heavy t-shirt they have, they want to change this situation. Until recently, Vasco experienced that same moment. Today we are looking for a position where we can compete, especially at the end. Greater respect for the opponent, greater respect for the game. Great match, great challenge. “I hope you do well at home,” said Zék.

Zé Ricardo, Vasco’s coach – Photo: Tébaro Schmidt

The coach recalled the moment of pressure that the team experienced at the beginning of Serie B, especially in São Januárion. For Zé Ricardo, the squad is more mature and today, with a full stadium, they face the match at home in a natural way.

– It was already a time of pressure, especially in his debut against Vila Nova. And that was the message I took to the second game, against Ponte Preta. We’re a husky, now no one can bother with that anymore. We need to create an obstacle to harness energy, and if we can play it safe, that’s what’s happening now. All teams need time to mature, some need to build chemistry earlier, others need a little more. It’s time to work that favors finding the best options. We have a young team, the lowest average age in Serie B. This all affects. Of course, everyone reacts in a way to a critique, to a praise. We cannot lead ourselves to victory or underestimate ourselves in a negative outcome. This group is definitely emerging in a special situation, it is a privilege to live here in Vasco.

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In Getulion’s account it is difficult to say in simple words. Getúlio and Raniel are such humble and sensational people that they understand each other’s moment and moment. Sometimes I’ve been careful talking to them, and they act incredibly naturally. “Teacher, if you have a chance to get Getulo, don’t worry.” Raniel had a lot of problems last year and has only played seven games. He is already with more than 20 games, the team’s top scorer. I’m sure Vasco’s success will also be at Raniel’s feet. He understands it so naturally, if Getúlio starts playing, if Zé Santos starts, if Figueiredo starts, it happens so naturally. There is no such thing as an ugly face. I strongly agree with them that the collective goal is a collective goal. If we achieve that, victory will come.

Access mathematician

– That’s statistical, mathematical. They say they need to score an average of four points every two games. We’ve been commenting on this at the beginning of the year, commenting with the management, we understand that we need to have seven to eight points for every four-game block. Thus, we will be accredited in one of the four vacancies.

– But the truth is, speaking like Zé Ricardo, I don’t think much, I don’t keep doing this math. I’m worried about the next game, it’s a difficult sequel. Going against Grêmio tomorrow would be good to keep these statistics, but also in terms of confidence and to keep growing. We seek to evolve whenever possible. But there is a strong opponent on the other side, experienced players. Grêmio pointers are very decisive against one. We need to prepare for this lack of training to try to win them over. We know the game will probably be decided in detail.

Raniel missed a few days of training last week, having to take a little longer. He also missed a session or two last week. We come here from a year of little play and much demand. As we had at Weverton, in the absence of Gabriel Dias, he spends more time on the sidelines. We had the idea of ​​putting up palaces, which he understands better. The intention was to reunite these three players (Palacios, Nenê and Raniel) in the previous match by overtaking Weverton, with coverage from Yuri and Andrey. This happened in a few moments, but it is a very small sample, they still played little. We’re looking for something that fits, I haven’t ruled out the idea of ​​using it more often together. It is more important than the players to know how to play. Forms and behaviors are compatible, and that is the most important thing today.

If you sign Diego Souza, you will score 15, 20 goals on a regular basis. The numbers show that. He is a player who has to be careful all the time, he knows the way to the goal. What strikes Diego is that the ball comes in the middle of everyone, and that it dominates with the utmost calmness, as if no one was there. We have to put all our eyes on him, all our attention. He’s definitely one of the strengths of Roger’s team.

Thiago has been showing great energy every day since arriving in São Januário. His lines have always resonated in the locker rooms, always putting the team together. He’s a player who knows what wrestling is all about, rising to the CSA for almost two years in a row. However, I don’t have much of a daily relationship with him, he stays with the trainers. The contact is a little less. But he understands the moment, the difficulty we had in assembling the actors. He’s really a player who wears a shirt, he won the favor of the crowd with good performances, decisive ones. Like in the last game.

We’re going to face all three of these games as we face all the other games, of course we want to win the main classics against the promotion favorites. We understand that the three points in this match against Grêmio will be played in the same way as against Brusque. The difficulties will be enormous, we need to be focused from start to finish. The team is very hardworking, really hardworking. And he likes to be together, to shake each other. When the goal is scored, everyone is encouraged, they all embrace together. The next day, everyone is training here.

Statement by Danilo Fernandes (Bahia)

I know Danilo, he was my athlete at Inter. He’s a very sensational athlete, he suffered from this problem a while ago, so I put a point in talking to him. He doesn’t know what Vasco is. If he has this privilege, and I will let you know here that I have made this invitation (at the beginning of the year), he will understand what Vasco is. People are like that in Vasco, they are different in that sense. They come easier, have a great party and carry the club on their backs. In that victory I understood it more as a manifestation of the party’s affection for the people, and not to underestimate Bahia in the sense of being a champion anymore.

In my opinion, playing against teams on shirts at any time is very motivating for coaches and players. Respect there on all sides. Brazilian football is currently evolving. Not only historical groups, on T-shirts, have a job. We see a lot of work in the C and D series. A club that does not make progress in administrative and financial matters will face difficulties.

The hard answer is, it makes no sense to think that you will do 1 and 0 and then we will suffer in the chair as we suffer. Different from that. There are games and matches, moments and moments when we make it 1-0. Of course, we would all like to win quietly, but sometimes it’s not possible because there’s an opponent on the other side. But he has an actor who was born from scratch. 22 new players, sometimes a little more is needed. But certainly a coach who is in good shape does not say that he will win 1-0 and will suffer in the end.

Even in 2020 he was the champion of the Chape Série B with 16 or 17 victories winning 1 to 0. They are unnecessary comparisons, but they happen by chance. We need to find a balance without giving up the defensive part. If I were 4-0, 5-3, I would be just as happy. The balance has marked this start, I can’t give you a final answer for this, the important thing is to always score and get closer to what is ideal.

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