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Zé Ricardo is no longer Vasco’s coach. The coach resigned this Sunday morning after accepting an offer from Shimizu S-Pulse in Japan. The decision shocked the managers, and the players were already informed.

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Assistant Cléber dos Santos and physical trainer Fábio Eiras also left the club, and subsequent training sessions will be led by Emílio Faro and Daniel Félix, both from the permanent commission.

Who should be Vasco’s new coach?

The football department was notified of the coach’s decision on Saturday night. President Jorge Salgado was called by football manager Carlos Brazil this Sunday morning to meet with the coach and heard that the decision was irreversible. The announcement comes on the eve of the trip to Recife, where Vasco will face Náutico next Tuesday.

Zé Ricardo is no longer Vasco’s coach – Photo: Jorge Rodrigues/AGIF

Vasco was surprised by the situation, mostly because of what had happened in recent weeks. Zé Ricardo suffered severe pressure in the early stages of Serie B, but he had the support of the board and the athletes. According to someone connected to the club told the report, it was an “extemporaneous decision”.

In a statement posted on Instagram, Zé Ricardo thanked Vasco’s players, managers and fans and said he was “heavy-hearted” with his decision.

– Even from a distance, I will follow the crowd so that Vasco will follow his beautiful and glorious story. The seed has been planted and I hope to see by the end of the year what all Vasco wants and desires, the return of the elite of Brazilian football, its rightful place – said the coach in the note.

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Sunday is work for the football department, which meets throughout the day to think of likely names to lead the team. Leaders relied on the help of technical coordinator Eduardo Húngaro to help the group get through the transition.

– Between yesterday and today, we received the release of Zé Ricardo and his commission. They received a proposal from a club other than Brazil. We just have to thank them for everything they have done and we wish them success – told VascoTV, manager Carlos Brazil, who added:

-From that moment on, the board and the football committee worked tirelessly to select a new professional to continue the project and achieve the final result, which was access to Serie A. For the match in Tuesday, Emílio and Daniel commanded the team. We always have the presence of Eduardo Húngaro, who was involved in the process from the beginning.

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Zé Ricardo left at the time of Vasco’s rise to Serie B. The team was the only undefeated team in the competition and was in fourth place, with 18 points. In total, there will be 25 games, with 12 wins, eight boards and five losses in 2022.

The future of the club coach is uncertain. With the likely sale of 70% of the SAF to 777 Partners, the likelihood is for the American company to make changes to the football department if it replaces, which should happen between July and August.

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“The Regatta Club Vasco Da Gama announced that Zé Ricardo will no longer coach the professional soccer team. The coach requested the closure this Sunday morning (05/06) and quickly left the command of the cruzmaltina team.

Assistant Cléber dos Santos and physical trainer Fábio Eiras also left the Club. Subsequent training sessions will be chaired by Emílio Faro and Daniel Félix, both from the permanent commission.

or Vasco Da Gama thanked the professional for all his dedication throughout the time he remained the leader of the Gigante da Colina professional team. For the past six months, Zé Ricardo and his team have been tirelessly working on the project aimed at bringing back the elite of national football.

The coach said goodbye to São Januário, on his second visit, with 12 wins, eight draws and five losses in 25 games. In the Brazilian Championship, the Vasco Da Gama is undefeated and is in the access zone for Serie A, occupying fourth place, four points ahead of fifth place, with four wins and six draws.

or Vasco Da Gama asked the coach and his team to be successful in succession in their trajectories ”.

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