You should know the 6 “secret” features that come with your iPhone Operating systems

iOS 16, an update to the iPhone operating system, was recently announced at WWDC 22, but not all of the features revealed received much attention. New practical commands for Siri and an unprecedented fitness app, for example, should be included with the update, but new features for customizing the lock screen and improvements to the notification system were overshadowed by the introduction. Below, learn more of the features below that come with iOS upgrades and make them useful for iPhone users.

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1. Blur the Home screen, not just the lock screen

Changes to the lock screen are some of the key new features in iOS 16 that will give more personalization to smartphones. New features in the tool include blurring the background, which can be activated with the “Blur Readability” option. The novelty, however, is not limited to lock screen: can also be activated from the home screen, which will create a depth effect and ensure greater visibility in applications, folders and widgets.

iOS 16, Apple’s operating system, will allow some customization on the lock screen and home screen. – Photo: Reproduction / WWDC 22

bi. iOS 16 can detect duplicate contacts

To avoid cluttered contact lists, iOS 16 will now send duplicate alerts in the address book, that is, phone numbers that have been saved more than once, unintentionally or by change. chip, for example. The system allows the user to delete these contacts, which is not the case in previous versions, and avoids confusion and clutter in saved contacts.

3. Lock photo gallery albums

Recently deleted photo albums or iPhone photos will be more protected with iOS 16, as Apple now has more file security. With the update, they can be protected by Face ID, Touch ID, or password, which ensures that only the owner can access them.

In previous versions of the system, it was already possible to hide the most private albums in the gallery. However, it was still possible for anyone using the device to view the images. The new update provides an extra layer of protection without the user having to switch to other applications.

New photo gallery features promise safer, more private access – Photo: Reproduction / WWDC 22

4. Suspend voice calls with this Crab

Siri, the practicality of Apple’s smart virtual assistant, can now help end calls and voice and FaceTime calls, which was not possible in previous updates. The new feature will integrate the iPhone accessibility package, and the user will only need to activate the “Hey Siri, off” command to use it.

5. iOS will require permission to “copy and paste” from one application to another

The update will provide users with one more security feature: requesting permission to copy and paste content from one application to another. Previously, only a pop-up warning that information was being exchanged was displayed, but new updates will now need permission to access the clipboard before pasting text, images, and the like between applications.

The new feature provides even greater security when using the phone, which prevents the owner from accessing their data without the permission of the app.

6. Disable the volume button to end the call.

Using the side volume button to hang up the call is very practical and can be useful in many situations, but there are those who complain about accidental pressing. Therefore, the iOS 16 update will be able to disable this feature in your phone settings. This new measure should avoid any inconvenience caused by the unexpected termination of important calls, e.g.

Volume buttons to hang up calls, but with iOS 16, this can only be done with permission – Photo: TechTudo

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