‘You can’t play football with a weight of 100 kg’

Germany took on England on Tuesday (7), at 15:45 (Brasília), for National Leaguebroadcast live by ESPN on Bituon+

This Tuesday (7th), the Germany’s received to Englandat 15:45 (Brazilian time), for the 2nd round of group 3 at UEFA Nations League. The game has Live broadcast for ESPN on Bituon+.

To win the 1st win of the European competition, the German team had another good match from the defender Niklas Sulewho holds the 1-1 draw in Italyat the opening of the group, on Saturday (4).

The regular name of the German squads since 2016, Süle, will change Bayern Munich feathers Borussia Dortmund with the change of time, it has a unique football history.

As a child he was the highlight of the base Hoffenheimin 2010, he received a call from the coach of the U-16 national team Turkeywho is interested in calling him on the team.

The athlete was interested, and then the coach explained to him: seeing the umlaut (punctuation mark called in Brazil as umlaut) in the name of Süle, he believed that the defender was of Turkish descent and could therefore be called.

The defender laughed and had to decline the call …

“He thought my name seemed to be from Turkey, but in fact the surname was from Hungary. My grandfather left Budapest and went to Germany, and this is where my father, Georg, was born,” Niklas said in an interview. . site provided Bundesliga.

In the same year, the defender had already received his first call -up to Germany under 16 national teams, and, then, he would receive.

He has passed every youth team in the country and, in 2016, represented his country at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, finishing with a silver medal by missing the end of Brazil’s penalties.

Also since 2016, he has been a regular name in the call-ups of the German national team, and is now Antonio Rüdiger’s defender partner on the team led by Hansi Flick.

“You can’t play football with a weight of 100kg”

Very tall (measured 1.95m), Süle is now “flying” in the field, admiring his speed and dominance in the air. But it’s not always …

While still playing for Hoffenheim, he received a historic reprimand from coach Markus Gisdol for being overweight, which gained all his speed and contributed to him making many mistakes.

“He said,‘ You can’t play football if you weigh over 100kg, ’” the defender recalls, in an interview given in 2019 at a golf tournament (a game of which he is also a fan).

“Then, he added: ‘In training, there are three groups: those who recover from injury, those who just exercise and then you fly, Niklas … You’re under their run!'”, He fired.]

Süle even agreed with all the criticism and explained the reason for his weight gain: he didn’t follow any diet and simply swallowed “junk” of all kinds.

“She is absolutely right. I exaggerated junk food“, he admitted.

After the reprimand, Süle turned his head and from the 2015/16 season he continues to be a real rock in Hoffenheim’s defense.

After two good years, he was signed for € 20 million with giants Bayern Munich in July 2017 and is continuing his career.

At the Bavarian club, Niklas played 171 played and scored 7 goals, winning a truck full of titles, such as a Championsa Club World Cup and five German Championships.

“I’ve never seen a striker pass him so quickly”

During his days at Hoffenheim, Süle played with several Brazilian players. One of them is left-back. Danilo Soaresnow on bochum.

In an interview with ESPN.com.brthe winger generated a lot of praise for the defender, noting that almost no attacker surpassed the giant’s mark.

“He was a very technical player. Because he was so tall, he seemed slow, but he wasn’t. I almost never saw a striker pass him quickly during the times we were playing”, he recalls.

“Outside the field, we didn’t have much contact, but you could see he was a very calm guy and in his own way”, he recalls.

The other Brazilian who has played for Süle is the midfielder Bruno Nazárionow player on Vasco.

Bruno was another compliment to the defender and reported that he was well received by the German squad at Hoffenheim.

“When I got there, he was always playing with me and Roberto Firmino. He was a scary guy. He was always a calm guy, a little shy, but very nice people”, he pointed out.

“On the field, he’s a monster, a defender with good quality. So far, he has a lot of positive points, both offensively and defensively. Besides, he’s a very intelligent man”, he added.

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