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Rain or heat, cold or heat. When the clock strikes 7 am, the first sounds and noises that have become part of the California neighborhood routine, in the Northwest region of Belo Horizonte, will begin. For more than two years, the athlete who has lived there has had the privilege of seeing, every day, a dream formed in the scene. Closer and closer to the “last hammer hammer”. The future Atlético-MG residence is already 60%complete, and less than 300 days from the first inaugural event.

The forecast remains the same, reaching 100% in the last quarter of 2022, in October. From there, several stages of testing and progress range from the MRV Arena to the long-awaited installation of goal posts and the first shot at the goal in front of 10,000 people, at the event that will mark the inauguration of the stadium on the 115th anniversary of Galo. , on March 25, 2023.

Facade of Arena MRV, future stadium of Atlético-MG-Photo: Marcelo Cardoso

or ge visited the MRV Arena construction site this Thursday, and left with a realization: if about four months separate 60% from 100% completion of work, the road through 40% is still hard work.

The intense movement and the usual noises in a civil building is astonishing. Every day, there are more than 850 employees from a variety of areas, from bricklayers to technicians and specialists. In fact, with the final development in the universe, the projection is that, in the coming months, the number of workers will exceed 1,000.

Working at Arena MRV, future stadium of Atlético-MG-Photo: Marcelo Cardoso

And if in the past period of more than 770 working days (since ground zero) monthly changes were visible from afar, now the focus is more internal. The most urgent purposes are to complete the assembly of structures (beams, etc.), work on masonry for the construction of internal walls and, primarily, installation of electrical wiring, air conditioning, in addition to the hydraulic part of the project.

In total, there are 595 km of cables in the Arena. In terms of comparison, this extension would be more than enough to connect Belo Horizonte to Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo.

There will also be the construction of changing rooms and the main access tunnel to the farm, in addition to finishing cabins and press cabins, which are part of the completion of the project.

This is one of the big decisions that still needs to be made at work. Despite being intended to be a multipurpose arena, dedicated to football and artistic presentations, synthetic grass has gained traction among engineers, but there are concerns about water use, 10 times greater than natural grass. The hammer was struck in the coming months, almost in the final stages of construction.

Arena MRV, future stadium of Atlético-MG-Photo: Marcelo Cardoso

The MRV Arena will be 48m long, counting from the grass to the ceiling, 10m taller than the vertical size of the Mineirão. The capacity will be 46 thousand fans, 16 thousand less than Gigante da Pampulha.

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives games. Sign the Premiere!”

Arena MRV, Atlético-MG stadium-Photo: Twitter/ Atlético-MG

In 2017, when Atlético’s board approved the sale of 50.1% of Diamond Mall as a source of funding for Arena MRV, the stadium budget was R $ 410 million. Price has been adjusted to R $ 500 million at the beginning of the works, in 2020, due to the sharp rise in inflation, and updated to R $ 620 million in the current contract with the construction company (Racional). However, since there is a 5% change for contingencies, the amount employed is already R $ 650 million.

This of course, does not take into account the mandatory amount of counterparts required by the city of Belo Horizonte for the existence of the business, estimated to amount to more than R $ 200 million. Currently, according to Atlético president Sérgio Coelho’s estimate, the forecast is that the work will have a total cost of R $ 900 million.

Standing at Arena MRV, future stadium of Atlético-MG-Photo: Marcelo Cardoso

Galo is trying to reduce the cost of negotiation counterparts, especially the Municipal Council for the Environment (Comam) in Belo Horizonte. A week later, the board won, and able to adapt to three of 35 road conditions – In total, there are 89 requirements imposed by city hall.

The Arena MRV screens are already assembled in a metal structure and each has 144m². For comparison, the large screens of the Mineirão are 98m².

Recently, in the same vote in which it obtained permission from the Deliberative Council to sell the remaining 49.9% of Diamond Mall to pay off heavy debts, Atlético had permission to conduct an operation in Arena credits. This is a R $ 200 million advance on the Real Estate Receivables Certificate (CRI), an amount deemed “necessary” for the completion of the work.

In practice, with the operation, Galo will be able to advance the amount collected from the sale of cabins, seating and sponsorship spaces at the Arena, which will be received in multiple installments. The idea is to make the CRI available to the market and sell it to increase the estimated cost for completing the works.

Working at Arena MRV, future stadium of Atlético-MG-Photo: Marcelo Cardoso

.- The Arena was built with the sale of the Diamond portion, and the rest we obtain by the sale of the property. What are those? Seats, cabins, sponsorship environments, and more. The sale is made in 20, 30, 40 installments. We will bring it to its present value, a fund will buy these credits, and Arena will provide its accounts as collateral – President Sérgio Coelho explained earlier this week.

With the Board’s approval, bank bonds will be issued to be sold on the market. These shares belong to an Investment Fund of Atlético-MG, the sole shareholder of the Arena and, therefore, the sole shareholder of the new stadium.

“The fiduciary sale of shares of the Real Estate Investment Fund-AVM FII, sole shareholder of Arena MRV, owned by Clube Atlético Mineiro, will be provided by the guarantee of a bank transaction in anticipation of the recipients from in the exploration and sale of commercial properties, with the exclusive destination of the entire financial consequence of the construction of Arena MRV ”, according to the club, in a statement.

Construction site workers at Arena MRV, future Atlético-MG stadium-Photo: Marcelo Cardoso

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