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São Paulo Brazil

With the help of the lack of attention and plenty of space, dedicated to Juventus in the first minute of the match, the leader of the Corinthians Brazilian Championship returned..

Adson, free, played only for Giuliano’s pass to Rafael Ramos. The Portuguese crossed and the ball hit Adson himself, who inflated the nets.

1 to 0.

A goal in the 60th minute ended Eduardo Baptista’s main goal. Stopping the game for Itaquera, disturbing Vítor Pereira’s team, causing the mistakes of the favorite who was playing at home.

Vítor Pereira’s team was confident of exchanging passes, looking for triangulations, attacking as a block. All this with the help of a loose mark on the Brazilian’s penultimate and one of the favorites to go down.

Without forcing, calmly, in the 38th minute of the second half, Du Queiroz invaded the Youth Intermediate with the main ball and served Mantuan. The clearance came out strong, crossed, indefensible to Caesar. 2 to 0.

The Corinthians were in no danger at any time.

It was the easiest match of 2022.

“We haven’t lost in a month. We needed a game like this in front of our fans,” said the young Mantuan, who was happy with his goal.

But even though the game was so easy, it was clear that Corinthians needed a defining striker.

Jô, whose contract was suspended due to the impulse and fear of the crowd, did not lose his irresponsible attitude. Today’s solution was collective. But the arrival of a definer is more than necessary.

Róger Guedes really tried. Thrown like the sharpest striker, he ran on both sides of the field, testing tables, shots, pivots. But it doesn’t feel comfortable. He gives a lot more to the left, a sector reserved for Willian, with more talent than him.

Vítor Pereira knew very well that the three points were more than necessary, in front of a very weak opponent. He left Du Queiroz alone as a midfielder. Renato Augusto, Giuliano and Adson had full freedom to change positions and only to worry about the articulation of offensive play.

Róger Guedes floated like an improvised center-forward, and Willian had the left side to look for the base or get in diagonally.

Rafael Ramos was allowed to attack from the right.

4-3-3 mobile, as the Portuguese coach likes.

Juventud played loose 4-5-1. The Rio Grande do Sul team was disappointed by his completely submissive attitude. The goal scored in the first minute left the team in a state of disbelief. He’s just trying to defend himself.

In the second, Corinthians continued to control the game. Mantuan went 2-0 up.

It was the team with the least risk of the year.

Corinthians faced a completely unambitious opponent, a space team, without vibration. He didn’t even show a fight, he wanted to get away with a better result than Itaquera. Juventud, terrified, was too respectful of the Corinthians.

The game gave Giuliano and Renato Augusto more confidence and, with the space, they were able to dominate the midfielders. And also the Portuguese right-back Rafael Ramos, who showed a resurgence of emotions in the face of the serious problem of midfielder Edenílson, the International. Rafael dismissed the accusation that his opponent was a monkey in the Common Court.

Now it’s Vítor Pereira’s turn to try to make his job easier. And start defining the tactical form you want for Corinthians. Today’s choice, despite all the facilities offered by Juventud, has been effective.

As for Eduardo Baptista, let him show more courage, even though he is a weak actor. Otherwise, the fall will only be a matter of time. If it is not released earlier.

The match for Itaquera was too predictable …

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