With the Gabigol shirt, the son of the Altos player says that he became Flamengo in the title Libertadores | football

The child’s tears returned his passion for the heart club from an early age and Gabigol was also moved. Davik recounted what it was like to see his father next to his idol and to have the gift conquered. Watch the video above.

“I asked for a shirt because it was the only thing he could take, right? I said, “Dad, it doesn’t have to be Gabigole’s.” I didn’t even know he was going to (play). I was on my back, when I turned around, he grabbed me and gave me a thrill. I’m not the one who cries like that. Couldn’t hold back. It’s a great joy, a great emotion, “said Davik.

Davi, son of Dieyson, High defender – Photo: Gustavo Cavalcante / Rede Clube

Dieyson and his son Davi Gabigol T-shirt – Photo: Gustavo Cavalcante / Rede Clube

  • Altos’ son’s cry for Gabigol’s T-shirt has gone viral and has garnered a million views
  • The son of Altos poses with the shirt given by Gabigol, from Flamenco: “Happiness sealed”

Davi began rooting for Rubro-Negro in 2019, with the conquest of the Libertadores. Despite being a flamenco player, he went his own way. He stopped being a trade unionist.

– I was a Grêmio player in the 2019 Libertadores final, I lived in the South. When Flamenco won, I was no longer Grêmio. I went back to Rio, my aunt was Flamingo, they were all Flamenco, then I became Flamingo. Now it’s not good. I’m a big fan of Gabigol.

– When I became a flamenco player, he was the one who scored the goals. I like his position, he also includes the type of game and the goals. That’s why I’m a fan of him, I like him, ”said Davik, who is good with the ball and showed skill in wearing a knee-high Gabigol shirt.

Gabigol and Dieyson – Photo: Playback / PrimeVideo

Davi, son of Dieyson, Gabigol shirt – Photo: Disclosure / Altos

“When I saw my mother filming, I told her not to. I was embarrassed. I didn’t know I was going to get to Gabigole. He published it, he didn’t know it would affect him. When he arrived, I asked for a hug and I already told him to give me the shirt. I sniffed to see if it was real.

  • Incredibly, the son of the Altos player smells the T-shirt given to him by Gabigol: “To see if it’s true”; Look

As the person in charge of the recording went viral, David’s mother, Marcella, said she was shocked by the echoes of her son’s reaction. The Altos profile post surpassed 1.4 million views. Watch the video below.

Altos side Dieyson’s son cries when he sees that his father got Gabigol’s T-shirt

“We are still assimilating the power of the internet. We were also scared, everything happened very quickly. We are glad to see him sleeping in his shirt. You could look him in the eye while he was fulfilling a dream, just as he did. Lots of messages of love, lots of people that her tears moved a lot of people, who are all football fans. It seemed impossible (to see from Gabigole). David woke up and asked, “Mom, is that true?” he reported.

Davi, son of Dieyson – Photo: Gustavo Cavalcante / Rede Clube

Davi, son of Dieyson – Photo: Gustavo Cavalcante / Rede Clube

– No notion (echoed). My wife also said, “Let’s make a video to see if we can catch up with Gabigol.” I said I could do it, but no one imagined it would have such an effect there. We are happy for his happiness. We are also happy. There is no price to pay to see our children happy. So, bottom line is that we’re really looking forward to this dream t-shirt, “said Dieyson.

The side reported how it was in a conversation with Gabi during the match.

Davi with his father Dieyson – Photo: Gustavo Cavalcante / Rede Clube

Dyeson, from Altos-PI, picks up Gabigol's shirt after finishing the final round

Altos-PI’s Dyeson picks up Gabigol’s T-shirt after finishing the last whistle

“So I talked to him in the first part. He was close on a shot. Then I went to him and said, “Get a T-shirt then.” He said he would fix me. I didn’t even ask him in the first half, I went straight to the locker room. In the second half, when the game was over, he handed me a T-shirt. I approached him and said, “My son is a big fan of yours.” He said, “Hey, thank you.” I came out of my side, he came out of his side. Watch the video above.

David is a mess. And with Gabigol’s T-shirt, the neighbors suffer.

– When he put on his shirt, he started kicking the ball at home. The staff complained about the noise, it was almost 1am. At school, he is a quiet child, very lovable, lovable, very sensitive. It’s one of those moody times where he would break into endless soliloquy with himself.

The son of the Altos player smelled the shirt given to him by Gabigol: “Let's see if it's real

The player from Altos smells the shirt given by Gabigol: “To see if it’s true”

Before Davi was born, Dieyson played with Vasco. He spent four years in Cruz-Maltino, from under-17 to professional. His son is seen as a flamenco player.

– She was fine. I think what was left behind has long since disappeared. We also joke that when he was little he was in a group every day. He was the one who won. He was from Botafogo, Vasco, Fluminense. When he started to understand a little more, as he grew up and understood football, he was in the Flamenco era, winning everything. That’s where he fell in love with Flamenco, his father said.

And David’s future also goes to football.

– I won’t save it (shirt), I’ll wear it. I like the striker because the striker scores a goal.

Davi, son of Dieyson – Photo: Gustavo Cavalcante / Rede Clube

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