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Meetings, name mapping, concern over costs and set priorities: a box-to-box steering wheel and a right-wing attacker. Flamengo planned market actions a month and a half before the window opened, on July 18, and tried to fill in the gaps Paulo Sousa had identified since the start of the season.

The meeting between Paulo and Bruno Spindel, held Tuesday at a hotel restaurant in Copacabana, was one of many the coach did with the executive and Marcos Braz to discuss the possibilities. Flamengo has already outlined an investment profile and was surprised by the initial feedback on market values.

Marcos Braz and Bruno Spindel go to the market to strengthen Flamengo in the next window-Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamengo

+After the series of games in Rio, Flamengo will stay in Atibaia from Tuesday to Friday

The club is looking for names with potential for technical and financial return, with Gerson’s success as case to be repeated. To this end, it activates a series of partner agents in search of opportunities in Europe. Paulo Sousa understands that the squad still lacks a midfielder with the ability to play defensive and offensive actions with balance, as well as a replacement for Michael’s departure.

Paulo’s old dream, Cebolinha will only come out on real sale

For the offensive side, Éverton Cebolinha is one of the names on the table and a suggestion to the coach since the start of the year. At the time, the list also included Ferreirinha and Colombian Sebastian Villa, from Boca Juniors. Cebolinha is the consumer’s dream, but the red black board knows the operation is far from simple and there is a clear conflict: Flamengo is planning a loan with a purchase option, and Benfica has only agreed to open talks for a definitive sale with amounts starting from the range of 15 to 18 million euros-which rejected by cariocas.

Everton Cebolinha Benfica – Photo: Getty Images

+ In search of strength and now without the ghost of Jesus, Flamengo has a series against opponents in crisis

Precisely because of this difficulty in cheap business, Flamengo is looking for surprises promoted in the European peripherals markets. The scenario also accounts for the uncertainty in Andreas ’case. Influential football figures understand that replacing the market is far from simple and that it is almost impossible to find names with amounts very different from the 10 million euros that United have agreed for 75% of the rights. in the midfielder’s economy.

The agreement with English remains in place and Flamengo must give ok and sign it by the 30th of this month. All installments and payment methods are already defined and do not provide for an immediate exit from the red-black box. The debate, in turn, continues with voices believing that the evaluation should be technical, regardless of popular appeal. Paulo Sousa has already explained that he has Andreas.

The search for another midfielder, in turn, does not depend on the meaning of the future of the shirt 18. The Portuguese coach is aiming to report internally that the squad lacks someone with the necessary intensity to provide the rhythm of the game. from place to place and physical strength to help with post-loss pressure and high marks.

This player is seen as determined to balance a team that often plays three to four offensive pieces without the ability to help much with scoring.

Vidal’s name, which has been so popular and overlooked in recent months due to Chilean demonstrations, is on the red-black agenda with no haste or excitement. The board contacted steering wheel representatives shortly after the summer window closed, as Marcos Braz said at a press conference, and knew the salary scale needed for a negotiation. All player performance mapping in recent years is also in the hands of managers.

Arturo Vidal, from Inter Milan, posted a photo with a Flamengo shirt – Photo: Reproduction

Any move will depend on the official termination of his contract with Inter Milan, where Vidal will be with him until mid -2023, but will not stay. The strategy even included the Chilean, who had value to be received for early termination of the bond and was even fined by the Italians when he expressed a desire to go to Brazil.

Flamengo put young names first, but understood that at the same time Vidal was a market opportunity not to be ruled out. The likelihood is that any agreement will be left for the last part of the window, as happened with David Luiz in 2021, and the board has already defined that the maximum contract time to be discussed is one and a half years, up to in the end. in 2023.

Exits and repairs are also on the agenda

While looking at the market with concern about costs, Flamengo has taken care of harassing its players. Maheuzinho leads the line of those who have renewed their contract and is targeted as one of those with the greatest potential for transferring the European market.

Maheuzinho changes with Flamengo-Photo: Disclosure/Flamengo

+ Flamengo raises Matheuzinho’s fine to 100 million euros and believes it will solve the Londrina imbroglio

The list of renovations also includes Rodrigo Caio and Vitinho, who had conversations on an initial level, but whose permanence was seen as natural on board. The striker’s current contract expires in December and the defender’s at the end of 2023.

Hugo and João Gomes are part of what Flamengo sees as potential to generate revenue. Negotiations with the goalkeeper, among others, are in the plans, and businessman André Bahia has already received contacts from PSV, from the Netherlands, after the indication of Brazilian Gomes, the club’s former goalkeeper. Finally, the midfielder was observed by scouts citing the sign of investing for a young man who was still identified as being in training due to technical vices, such as excessive ball handling.

With 45 days to go before the window opens, Flamengo studies moves with specific targets and is careful on arrival and departure.

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