With one missing, Botafogo achieved a historic return to Inter

With one player little since the start of the game, Botafogo has made a historic comeback to Inter and 3 to 2, now (19), in Beira-Rio, for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship. The team from Rio scored with Hugo, the deciding goal, in the 52nd minute of the second half. Previously, Erison and Vinícius Lopes scored goals for the visitors. Edenilson and Bustos scored goals for Inter.

Inter came on to open with two goals in the first half after one more player, but gave up the tie, had one goal disallowed and even replaced in the end.

The game was full of controversy and ended away. Philipe Sampaio was fired early in the first half of a controversial penalty kick provided with the help of the VAR. And there were other instances of conflict in the duel, with Inter’s intent not being allowed and a video consultation to determine another possible penalty, which did not score. At the time of the stoppage, there was another Inter goal that was not allowed. And, finally, a general fight between the players of the two teams.

With 21 points, Inter is fifth in the standings. Botafogo is 18 and is in seventh. As a result, Inter lost in an unbeaten run that lasted 16 games.

Inter’s next match is on Friday (24), against Coritiba. Botafogo returned to the field on Sunday (26), to face Fluminense.

Good run: Gatito shines face and face

In the second half, Gatito fired at least two face -to -face shots at Internacional players.

Very painful: David is disappointed

Called back as a starter, David missed chances to score and even saw a possible penalty for Inter that was not even scrutinized because he was offside. When he was replaced, in the second half, he heard boos.

In seven minutes, two dismissals and one penalty, and that’s not all

Very busy starting the duel between gauchos and cariocas. In six minutes, Alan Patrick took the place and tried to score. The ball hit his chest and landed on Philipe Sampaio’s arm. Referee Savio Pereira Sampaio did not score a penalty, but was called by the VAR, reviewed the bid, scored the penalty and dismissed the Botafogo defender. In the complaint, coach Luis Castro also received a red. The game continued with goals from both sides. And even before the end of the first half there was another controversial step. Wanderson was fouled on the spot, but the penalty for Colorado was not awarded because David, who received the ball on the throw, was offside. In the second half, a goal by Alemão, from Inter, was canceled by a touch of the arm.

The stop time goal is prohibited

At the stop of the second half, Inter’s winning goal was canceled due to Gabriel Mercado’s offside. The move was reviewed by the VAR, which stopped the game again.

Fight during and after the game

The fight took place on the Beira-Rio lawn. When Botafogo repeated the game, attacking midfielder Lucas Piazon celebrated in front of the Inter bench. In annoyance, the gaucho team players went to the Botafogo and had a fight. Gabriel Mercado was immediately fired, and Piazon was injured in his right shoulder. The game went on for a few minutes, but when the exchange of aggressions ended, it continued and became a general fight in Beira-Rio.

Inter game: bad start, but missed from high

Inter started everyone’s game. Even before the move that conditioned the game, he already had more possession and built more than Botafogo. Initially, the penalty that returned Edenilson’s goal and left the Gauchos with another on the field directly hampered the progress of the game. Inter continued to push, scoring second, but, in a bid to widen the margin, gave up space. The defense failed a few times and Botafogo discounted it and could have tied it in the initial period. Similarly, Mano Menezes ’team continued to explore open spaces on the field and wasted the chance to score, especially David. In the final period, the aerial ball failed again and Botafogo was leveled and turned around.

Botafogo’s game: the expulsion gets in the way, but the team fights

Botafogo had 11 players in just six minutes of rolling the ball. With Philipe Sampaio’s dismissal very early in the game, the team from Rio de Janeiro had little to do with Beira-Rio. He even tried to organize himself and seek the attack as a weapon. He threatened Daniel’s goal a few times, scored his own goal and could have done more. Team performance is directly affected by the referee’s decision to start the match. But there was nothing lacking in the fight, so the draw and comeback happened.

Action for blood donation

In today’s match, Inter acted to warn about the need for blood donations. The names of the athletes on the shirts used in the match had the letters A, B and O deleted symbolizing the lack of blood in the blood centers in Rio Grande do Sul. The event is part of the ‘Blood Type Colorado’ campaign, which gives an advantage over the next two games to club members who donate blood. The initiative was approved by the CBF, in the wake of World Blood Donor Day, which is celebrated on the 14th.


date: 06/19/2022 (Sunday)
Location: Beira-Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre (RS)
referee: Savio Pereira Sampaio (DF)
auxiliaries: Daniel Henrique da Silva Andrade and Jose Reinaldo Nascimento Junior (both from DF)
VAR: Rafael Traci (SC)
Yellow cards: Carli, Kayque, Hugo, Gatito, Patrick de Paula, Piazon (BOT); Kaique Rocha, Moisés, Taison, Mauricio, Mercado (INT)
red cards: Philipe Sampaio, Luis Castro [técnico] (BOT); Market (INT)
goals: Edenilson, from Inter, 8 minutes into the first half; Bustos, from Inter, in the 13th minute of the first half; Vinícius Lopes, from Botafogo, in the 19th minute of the first half; Erison, from Botafogo, in the 14th minute of the second half; Hugo, from Botafogo, in the 52nd minute of the second half.

Daniel; Bustos (Cadorini), Vitão, Mercado and Moisés (Pedro Henrique); Gabriel, De Pena, Edenilson, Wanderson (German) and Alan Patrick (Taison); David (Mauricio).
Technician: Mano Menezes.

Catito Fernandez; Philipe Sampaio, Carli and Klaus; Saravia (Jefinho), Kayque, Patrick de Paula, Lucas Piazon and Hugo; Vinícius Lopes (Daniel Borges) and Erison (Matheus Nascimento).
Technician: Luis Castro.

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