With Haaland in the City, they are the “sensations” of future goal scorers discussed by European giants

Some promising strikers could be the most precious in the next transfer window and could lead to conflicts between the top clubs in the world.

THE Tuesday’s announcement (10) that Haaland and Borussia Dortmund have reached an agreement of 60 million euros (R $ 320 million) for the striker to move to Manchester City next season. mixed with the world of ball. But it is no coincidence that the striker’s transfer has attracted so much speculation in traditional media and social media.

A midfielder of a team makes a difference in a game especially when it comes to finishing and attacking, but also giving the defender a breather to help him recover the ball and defending free kicks, among other things.

The position of the 9th jersey has gone from being a number to a general concept of where a player is placed on the field. The basic definition is a “physically strong central striker” who has the ability to score goals, protect the ball and pass the ball, even with quality in the air.

Despite the fact that top coaches like Pep Guardiola have sided with the “fake 9” in the modern scene, a mobile and creative player like Lionel Messi can open up space for the wingers to attack the midfield and act as an attacking point guard, to their detriment. a reference player that teammates should look for – even if it seems that the best coach prefers to play without a ‘9’.

The problem is that the skill set required for this role is not fully developed until the player has crossed the 20s limit. At the age of 21, Haaland will be an exception – although some have argued that he still needs to improve his form of bodyguard to protect the ball – but when he is scoring almost one goal per game (85 in 88 games) Borussia Dortmund) is a trade that you can accept.

Karim Benzema, from here Real Madridand Robert Lewandowski, from here Bayern Munichthey have repeatedly shown that an experienced and quality striker offers a guarantee of goals, and that it is difficult to develop skill in players of different profiles.

There is a reason Manchester City be in public he spent last year trying to get Harry Kane – His ability to position the ball in the right positions in the back of the field was almost his ‘9.5’. To express the difference in style, Kan plays the ball 25 times in the game on average, and Haaland usually scores 15 to 16 times. That, too. Juventus have signed Dusan Vlahovic from Fiorentina for 70 million euros ahead of their rivals in January..

So he will go to Haaland Premier League, Who is the next number 9 for Manchester City’s rich – and soon to be top scorer – they hope – rivals?

Darwin Núñez, 22 years old, benfica | Market value: BRL 213 million

Although he is on the right and prefers to play more on the left wing, the Uruguayan has some similarities with Haaland in the role of 9. Both are excellent at speeding up the back of the opposing defense, and both are very difficult to deal with. comes at physical strength or high speed.

Núñez, who arrived at Benfica in 2020 with a surprisingly cheap deal of 24 million euros with Almeria, has made tremendous progress, especially after the end of the year. 26 goals scored in 28 games Portuguese Championship this season, he offers a lot of opportunities: he is able to make shots and show his speed against defenders (he scored a great goal in this style in the derby against Sporting), he can make intelligent runs to take advantage of midfielders, he can hit. accurate and long-range shots from a long range, both in attack and defense.

Núñez is without a doubt at the best of his career so far, and the 22-year-old can certainly make the leap to a major European league, which is already tied to negotiations. Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Lautaro Martinez, 24, Milan Inter | Market value: BRL 373 million

Plain was originally a ‘second striker’ or ‘support striker’, and gradually moved to a more centralized position. His ability to finish the game, along with his ability to protect the ball and create chances in the last third of the pitch, led to his desire to be closer to the coach’s goal.

Similar to other Argentines like Carlos Tévez and Sergio Aguero, the 24-year-old striker has an instinct for a ‘street football’ style with a fast, functional technique and a low center of gravity. At 1.75 meters, he does not have the traditional construction of a number nine, but he still earns a respectable 38% of his balloons.

Despite the occasional waste of time in front of goal, Lautaro has been very productive (19 goals). Italian Championship this season) and could be available in the mid-year window, with Inter Milan looking for greater economic peace of mind.

Tammy Abraham, 24, Granada | Market value: BRL 240 million

Probably the best candidate for the 9th classic t-shirtChelsea has balanced characteristics, physical advantages and skill in air ballooning. Abraham has adapted well to Italian football and now seems to be a more mature player than a year ago – he makes better decisions and seems more focused.

Looking at English, it’s pretty clear that he’s a player who has done a great job of alleviating his weaknesses. The 15 goals in the league are four more than Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner (two strikers who prevented Stamford Bridgen from having more chances) and although Roma want to stay, his performance has sparked the interest of several rival clubs in the Champions League. .

Victor Osimhen, 23, napoli | Market value: BRL 319 million

Despite spending a lot of time recovering from injuries in his first two years in Italy, Osimhen has scored 27 goals and nine assists in his 60 appearances at the club so far. The combination of speed, objectivity and finish quality makes it a constant threat and gives it the 9th intensity that is valued in a craft. The 23-year-old striker’s next challenge is to improve his ability to hold the ball and appear less of a teammate while he builds plays.

The Nigerian has his best moment when he throws the ball from behind to run towards the goal, but when there is a small gap behind the defense (except for the cross), he has difficulty imposing himself in the game. . In any case, he paid 70 million euros to join Napoli Lille In July 2020, and with a three-year contract still in force, it will not be cheap for anyone who wants to trust their services.

Patrick Schick, 26, Bayer Leverkusen | Market value: BRL 234 million

A talented midfielder who has struggled to establish himself in clubs such as Sampdoria, Roma and Leipzig for years, he is finally showing his full potential. In the second artillery BundesligaAfter Lewandowski, Schick – who Czech Republic’s long-awaited goal against Scotland to score in Euro 2020 – Has 24 goals in 26 games. The expectation of goals from outside the penalty area (0.70) makes its effectiveness clear; Haaland has 0.67.

Injuries have hit the left-back for the past few months, but there has always been a consensus that if Schick starts to get into the scouts all the time, he could be one of the best strikers in the world. It’s clear that his sprints and submissions (usually with a touch, sometimes volleyball and half volleyball) have reached new levels this season. As excellent as 9 – midfield, playing and passing – it is surprisingly effective for a 6-foot 3-footer running after defenders, although speed is not his main feature.

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