With great goals from the base, Vasco has won the Náutico and rises to the table of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.

He was silent most of the time Basque. But with scares. Although the match against Náutico started this Tuesday delay for some strange reason, then there were excellent goals from the base and almost complete dominance. Timbuk managed to reduce, but did not have the strength to avoid Cruz-Maltino’s 3 and 2, for the Brazilian’s 11th Serie B match.

Figueiredo, Andrey, with real paintings, and Nene scored for the visiting team. Thassio and Jean Carlos discount. As a result, the team led by Emílio Faro is in second place with at least 21 points. Timbu remains in the middle of the table with 12 points.

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Figueiredro commits a foul in the match (Photo: Daniel Ramalho / Vasco)

The start of the first quarter was utterly embarrassing. So much so that the most crowded moments had nothing to do with the ball. The home team’s lack of a uniform and the lack of medical attention in the stands highlighted the home team’s strange delay.

But in the 24th minute the game really started. Thassio tried to even things up by sending a long ball towards the centrally placed strikers, but the visitors’ defense got the best of this rather direct style of play. It was the first risky move in the game. And three minutes later, Figueirdo repeated his strength and distance against Bahia. This time, Nen is unresolved and has the ball in the corner. Open with a goal. And the Basque rules followed. In the 32nd minute, Nen crossed from the right and Lucas Perri went wide. Ten minutes later, Andrey made a good play, still on the defensive field, advancing on the field, entering the area, scoring with Nene and finishing with no chance for the goalkeeper. Another great goal from Vasco.

The second half began with an excited Nautical. After the ball was lifted in from the right, Jean Carlos was on his own in the home side’s penalty area and should have scored after 79 minutes, but missed, probably due to lack of concentration. The answer was seven, when Timbuk lost the ball, Yuri kicked it and passed it to Gabriel Pec, who played with Getúlio, from the penalty spot and bounced the ball, throwing it over the goalkeeper. And with 20 minutes left, Jean Carlos had another chance. In this, Thiago Rodrigues defended.

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Cruz-Maltino looked pretty controlled in the game, as he canceled out a goal a little earlier after the VAR review. But Náutico reduced the damage. Pedro Vitor received a shot, crossed it and was caught by the Vasco goalkeeper. On the rebound, Thassio kicked, deflected the ball against Anderson Conceição, and this time Thiago was unable to do anything. It took five games plus the first half and another 23 minutes for Thiago Rodrigues to re-filter.

Calmness but last minute scare

However, the relative calm returned with 31, when Andrey released Figueiredo, dribbling the goalkeeper and passing to Neneri. Calmly, the midfielder ended up with no choice for the defenders placed on the line. And for Jean Carlos there was still a penalty to reduce, at the end of the standstill.


Date and time: 6/7/2022 at 7:00 p.m.
Place: Arruda Stadium, Recifen (PE)
Referee: Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (FIFA-SP)
Contributors: Miguel Cataneo Ribeiro da Costa (SP) and Gustavo Rodrigues de Oliveira (SP)
VAR: Heber Roberto Lopes (SC)
Current audience: 6,104 gifts
Income: BRL 108,582.00

Yellow cards: Victor Ferraz, Franco, Jean Carlos and Robinho (NAU); Edimar, Andrey and Figueiredo (VAS)
Red cards: there was none

goals: Figueiredo (27 ‘/ Q1 0-1), Andrey (42’ / Q1 0-2), Thassio (23 ‘/ Q2 1 -2), Nene (31’ / Q2 1-3) and Jean Carlos (54 ‘/ 2. Q 2-3)

NAUTICAL: Lucas Perri, Victor Ferraz, Wellington, Bruno Bispo and Thassio; Franco (Eduardo Teixeira, 28 ‘/ 2Q), Nascimento (Djavan, 18’ / 2Q) and Jean Carlos; Ewandro (Amarildo, Interval), Léo Passos (Robinho, Interval) and Pedro Vitor – Technician: Roberto Fernandes.

BASQUE: Thiago Rodrigues, Gabriel Dias (Weverton, 27 ‘/ 2.), Danilo Boza, Anderson Conceição and Edimar; Yuri Lara, Andrey Santos (Matheus Barbosa, 33 ‘/ 2ºT) and Nene (Isaque, 43’ / 2ºT); Figueiredo, Getúlio (Zé Santos, 33 ‘/ 2.) And Gabriel Pec (Bruno Nazário, 43’ / 2.) – Technician: Emilio Faro.

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