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Zé Ricardo’s departure has sparked a series of Vasco meetings since the start of Sunday. Captured by surprise, the club was forced to move to find a replacement. This is not an easy mission because it is a strategic decision for the rest of the time and there are different characters involved in the quest. Many professionals are offered, but still no target has been set.

The issue of finance carries a lot of weight and makes it difficult to search for more popular coaches. The trend is that the next coach is not a medallion, probably someone with Serie B experience, even if taking on a foreigner is not ruled out. The search for a new commander is led by President Jorge Salgado, who has the last word and manager Carlos Brazil at his side. But there are reviews from all sides. The Football Committee, which has political allies of the president, elected, as did the directors of 777 Partners.

The American company, which had agreed to buy 70% of SAF do Vasco, actively participated, even if the last word belonged to the club. The General Director of Genoa, German Johannes Spors was in constant contact and gave his opinion on the need. However, even without the 777 money, the likelihood is that the new commander will not come from the highest level. Can the American group change their mind and decide to invest in hiring a technician? Yes it is. But right now that’s not the scenario.

With the idea focused on access, the club tried to outline the ideal profile for Zé Ricardo’s replacement. Vasco has already described, for example, that he wants a coach working within the idea of ​​the game that the club wants in Serie B. But there are many other key questions, such as the financial aspect, the work environment, etc., making it difficult to resolve a name by consensus on this point. President Jorge Salgado traveled to Recife on Monday to watch the match against Náutico and near Carlos Brazil.

Carlos Brazil, Vasco’s football manager – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

Many trainers are offered and there are also consultations and surveys, often through intermediaries, which add to speculation.

– No advance and completely no contact was made – assured a Vasco ge leader, this Monday afternoon.

The last two Series B champions filmed their names in São Januário. Won last year in Botafogo, Enderson Moreira, for example, is happy to be on the board, but his name hasn’t been brought forward and doesn’t seem to be in question at the moment.. or ge found that he did not want. Umberto Louzer, champion of the Chapecoense competition in 2020, was offered, but, so far, no progress has been made..

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Many other professionals have been appointed or entered the radar, but, so far, there has been no negotiation. Cases of Eduardo Barroca (Avaí), Maurício Souza (formerly under-20 at Flamengo), Gilmar Dal Pazzo (Sport), and others.

Currently, no deadline has been set. Even if Vasco was in a hurry and imagined having his new coach on the bench on Sunday, against Cruzeiro, in Maracanã, the club knew that, since it was a strategic decision, it would not be a quick choice. And because there is an internal process that involves a lot, including communication with 777 Partners abroad, now the most likely scenario is that the definition takes a few more days.

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