Why Inter players rebelled and boycotted training

It was a hot Wednesday at the International. In the morning, the player team decided that they would not enter the field of CT Parque Gigante, as several players had been delayed for up to three months in the payment of image rights. The actors met with football director William Thomas, spoke up and left the venue without activity.

At the end of the morning, they called for political leadership. Football vice-president Emilio Papaléo Oath and president Alessandro Barcellos went to CT, articulated the financial moves and started a process that lasted the whole day for the club. Two of the three months charged have been paid.

The group was also informed at the venue of the activities that they were to be informed in the evening for a meeting with management and training. According to President Alessandro Barcellos, the cancellation of the morning’s work has been agreed upon.

But the reasons for the attitude of the athletes create an atmosphere that is far from ideal and the club’s management wants to work against it from behind.

Interviews, mistrust and payments

The move to cancel the training came from the team leaders. The attacking midfielder Taison was outraged at being mentioned as the team’s organizer and even charged CT reporters. In fact, the desire to solve the problem did not come only from the 7th T-shirts, in a joint action and with the help of everyone, even those who had nothing to receive.

The extreme reaction stemmed from unsuccessful contacts. Colorado commandos and players spoke at other times and the payment deadlines were not met, according to reports from the organization. UOL Sport. The last one would be at the end of May.

As a result, the group began to distrust the next steps. In fact, it was the uncertainty of receiving the numbers, which eventually reached 40% of the athlete’s total salary, that caused the attitude.

Lack of information, different versions

President Barcellos himself admitted at a press conference that a number of players would join the club from Tuesday to Thursday, all of which could have been avoided. The lack of specific information fueled the mistrust behind it.

In addition, the player team was not happy with the news they had seen in the press and on social media that the debt was publicly rejected, according to the report. Since Tuesday, rumors of a conflict with athletes have been considered “normal” in the football world, or not.

Lack of money?

At the same time that Inter is repeating its difficult financial situation, there was also the issue of investment in the suspension of training. After 14 signings in the first transfers of the year, Colorado is preparing for two strong moves: the search for Bruno Méndez and the arrival of a central striker.

The Uruguayan defender has $ 6 million in rights (at a current price of R $ 28.8 million) and is owned by Corinthians. To add a top scorer to the team, the club is willing to spend more than usual.

In addition, this season saw Inter make the biggest sale in its history. Yuri Alberto went to Zenit from Russia for 25 million euros (at a current price of R $ 128.2 million). A large part of that amount has already been paid.

At the same time, the club says it expects to receive R $ 11.5 million in its budget as a prize for progress in the Brazilian Cup. Globo-RN was eliminated in the first phase, taking only R $ 1.2 million.

Another point that weighs against the red budget is the departure of the coaches. For the past two years, the club has paid (or paid off) with Miguel Ángel Ramírez, Diego Aguirre and Alexander Medina.

Ordered? Work for the author

Alessandro Barcellos solved the problem. For him, it was “also good” to show the team of so many new players who have recently arrived how things are going at the club. The representative also said that such a situation could strengthen the relationship of trust with the actors.

However, the relationship seems to be far from ideal, with complaints from both sides behind it.

Paulo Autuori, the technical director, will be in charge of overcoming the problems between the parties and overcoming major problems. The professional must put both sides in front of each other and find a common path between the interests of the club and the athletes.

cheering against the team

An immediate reflection of yesterday’s events took place among the people. Immediately, social media showed that fans are not in charge of the athletes when it comes to paying. If the relationship has been at odds for a long time, due to lack of bond, lower performance than previously thought, it has now gained a new component in the cauldron of criticism.

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