Who is the ideal coach to manage?

Defeated by Red Bull Bragantino last night (8), Flamengo has already understood that there is no longer any possibility of continuing with Paulo Sousa as coach, and is now outlining a strategy to go to market with a greater sense of urgency.

Given the current scenario, Rubro-Negro has not ruled out the possibility of making an offer to a coach working at another club.

What is it, who is the ideal coach to replace Flamengo? The columnists of UOL Esporte called and answered this question. See what they think:

If Flamengo is willing to say goodbye to the ghost of Jorge Jesus, I would point to Vojvoda as the best option in Brazil. He’s not like me to have a profile of someone who left the ship in the middle of the season, but he might be tempted once to lead a team with all the restrained potential of the red-black.

In the current conjuncture, the big requirement is the tolerance and submission of the squad leaders, who are only under the president of the “real” club hierarchy. That is, accepting unsupported muggle to be chubby when things don’t go well.

Someone hired with conviction. Someone with the autonomy and support to deal with a comfortable group of players. Someone who doesn’t serve as a goat to increasingly neglected leaders. A headless man was questioned by the press on initial failures.

The ideal for Flamengo is to go to therapy and forget about the unrequited love for Jorge Jesus. As long as they think the football played in 2019 will come back, there is no ideal coach for Flamengo.

Jorge Jesus, any questions? If it weren’t for him, Pep Guardiola, Jürgen Klopp or Carlo Ancelotti, there’s no need to be in that order.

The ideal coach is the one who agrees to make a month-to-month contract, with no penalty of termination, and who doesn’t mind being fired if YouTubers, influencers and directors-have-an-eye-on-October – Elections take place.

Jorge Jesus. He is the strongest coach to resist the shadow of … Jorge Jesus. This is the return of Dom Sebastião.

Flamengo has tried to go anywhere since Jesus left. He had a more tactical coach, a more team one, a newer one and now the culture is at war with Sousa. No job will succeed if the group is not closed. And there is no work to be done if the board moves to make the environment tense and chaotic. Who will be able to manage this board? The situation is complicated. I think following the Fortaleza coach is a repeat of a moral deviation that had already taken place when they took Ceni from Leão do Pici. Chasing anyone who works and has fun is not good. But beauty isn’t the strong point of this board, so I’ll bet it’s the way to go.

I will call Renato Gaucho. And enough of the Portuguese in Gávea. Some, like alviverde Abel Ferreira, are good, but Paulo Sousa is weak and the ungrateful Jorge Jesus is a lottery player in his path, despite winning. By the way, referring to a series of wins, the big red-black “ball out” drove Rogério Ceni away. Even though the team played against him, he still won titles there!

The ideal coach is in Brazil and has said he wants to return to Flamengo. Jorge Jesus, who ignored this silent and incompetent board. Now, anyone who enters has to start all over again, halfway through time. In the current circumstances, Vojvoda seems to me the most reasonable solution.

The ideal is Jorge Jesus, but since he has already agreed with Fenerbahçe, there is no chance of a return. Among the coaches who work well here in Brazil, the best for me is Argentine Vojvoda. Cuca, who was very good with Galo in 2021, has already said he doesn’t want to. It’s still a good name. The Argentine Beccacece, from Defensa y Justicia, is another one I like.

Someone who resists the chaotic and addicted environment of broken players, incompetent management, and exacerbated pressure from all quarters. And at the same time able to do a good tactical job, in addition to good technical choices. Does that name exist? The truth is that as long as Jesus doesn’t come back and fail or succeed, Flamengo won’t have a minimally normal life with any coach, whether he does a good job or fails like Paulo Sousa.

Vojvoda, who defeated Paulo Sousa in the Maracanã, did a good job in Fortaleza and, even with a smaller squad, built his team in a way that would fit the typical taste of the red-black crowd. The problem is whether Flamengo, with its pans of players and incompetent, quiet and narcissistic management, will fit Vojvoda’s profile. And the Argentine doesn’t seem to be a new Ceni, who left Pici Tricolor when called by Cruzeir and Flamengo.

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