What was the main mistake Tite had to correct until the World Cup?

The time is coming … Less than six months left for the start of the Qatar World Cup, which will take place on November 21, 2022. Undefeated in almost a year (12 games), the Brazilian team has excited fans and the press with his latest performances-the most recent being a 5-1 friendly loss to South Korea on Thursday (2).

Before Korea, there were three other losses, all of them by 4-0, in the South American qualifiers: Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia. In 2022, in total, there were 18 goals scored and only two conced in five games played.

But since no team is perfect and the history of the Worlds is definitely not like that, we called in columnists from UOL Esporte to comment on the following topic: what was the main flaw that Tite had to despise until the Cup? See what they answered:

I don’t see anything wrong with that. I still don’t feel that the defense is completely safe, especially on the right side, and may need more creativity in offensive moves, but only a higher level of confrontation can provide a true measure of the evolution of choice. .

That’s the problem. There is no reliable parameter due to lack of higher combat level. Choice will act to stay defensively safe and be more creative and unpredictable when it comes to determining attacks, but opponents have not provided a fair measure of evolution in recent months.

Tite has to find a way not to trust Daniel Alves if Danilo doesn’t play. He suffered against South Korea, who were not the strongest opponents. That’s the biggest risk for this team.

Getting a right-back or deciding to play with three defenders, but not making Daniel Alves a full-back or midfielder because it didn’t result in the entire game.

I think Tite should have tried several times an alternative with three defenders and no full-backs.

I’ve seen Tite’s team compete, but can’t, for example, start at 11 now, which will be a problem with more than five months left until the World Cup. I also see the uncertainty of who will be the determined striker as an issue to be resolved in November.

The main thing is to have players who can surprise, create a different game, try something individual. People coming out of the bank and changing the game. Except for the model. And some individual issues: 1) there is a more creative midfield than Fred, Casemiro and Paquetá; 2) has a more reliable right back than Daniel Alves; 3) have a definer.

I don’t think Tite needs to correct a mistake. Within the modern playbook of what football is, Tite does everything right. He made a team that was very good defensively, running and, in his free time, unrelated to serious scoring, found his goals. He has a sea of ​​superstars on his hands and he takes from them what he thinks is necessary: ​​scoring above all else. It’s not, of course, about thinking that a player shouldn’t be able to score. In football today, everyone has to score. It was about establishing a philosophy of play, and choosing him to follow modern etiquette. Does he know how to do it differently? Many know. The world champion Corinthians who beat Chelsea are playing differently and have little stars. I see the need for lane correction to what we want as our playstyle and it’s more CBF than Tite. Will we continue to imitate the Europeans? Or will we re-engage with our culture and apply it in the field? Of course, if Tite wants to get something right, he has to start with the nepotism of working his son to choose. But I don’t believe that will happen.

Stubbornness. But I’m sure it won’t be solved. He could die embracing his convictions or he could play Zagallo, he would be the champion and he would shout to everyone: “You have to swallow me”. Unfortunately, I think the first alternative is more likely to happen.

There was nothing obvious wrong with Tite’s work hours. What there are are some conceptual issues that bother those who think differently from him, such as conservatism in calls and the insistence on certain names.

I think Tite should work with this group despite the difficulty. So far we have only played weak teams and the last two games against Argentina have not been good performance.

I did not see any major defects. But the points need a good adjustment to give a good response when the level of opponents increases, especially those with strong defense. Move forward and move the midfielder over the last line of the rival’s defense. Trying to make them more automated makes decisions easier for players, expanding the variety of options for those with talent.

Tite’s biggest problem is being constantly working on the rearview mirror. The work cycle is overestimated because, as always, the champion teams, in the 1994 and 2002 cases, are settled in Cup month, driven by the momentum and momentum of the players. And Tite, who died in 2018 with Gabriel Jesus incumbent, is heavily involved in bureaucratic measures. For Qatar, a player’s stage in November is more important than anything he has done in the past four years. Croatia barely went to Russia, replaced the coach on the eve of the World Cup and is the current runner-up.

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