What is the biggest problem Dorival Júnior will face?

‘Replace the tire while the car is running’. The expression clearly describes what Dorival Júnior will have in front of his new club, Flamengo, 16th in Brasileirão. The coach debuted with a 3-1 loss to Internacional, Saturday (11), just a day after it was announced. The time until his second match is also short: tomorrow (15), against Cuiabá, in Maracanã.

Taking advantage of the start of the coach’s work, we called the columnists on UOL Esporte to answer the following question: what is the biggest problem Dorival will have in front of Flamengo? Check the answers:

An old squad, difficulties in the medical department and player recovery, and the specter of 2019. There needs to be a major overhaul, which seems incomprehensible to the football department.

Physical preparation. The legacy of 2021 was terrible, Paulo Sousa sent control of the minutes to the beans for the demand for results and the cast leaders were not thankful for training both seasons. The solution was to reorganize the team, with the boys winning opportunities and responding and the signatures, which had to be surgical, players coming and delivering the show right away.

The biggest problem is getting support from the board in making the necessary decisions, especially in relation to athletes. Flamengo can’t be a hostage to a player, no matter how big he is. Rebuilding the Club goes through this understanding.

The biggest problem is the removal of the patota imagining Flamengo’s own owner.

The big challenge is to show the team and the fans that 2019 is over in three and a half years. It has to keep going. Know who to follow in Flamengo, who needs to be put on the market, stop wanting to repeat something that is irreversible.

Lots of problems. The most urgent thing is to put on the field a team with strength and speed.

I think the board. It is clear that the current board is not good in what they call management. Flamengo is kidnapped by this inability to manage a team, by poor and strange options involving buying and selling players and also a lack of interest in changing the squad. After that, and even because of that, the problem of excess power is given to a small group of players who apparently control the locker room and, with it, everyone who comes to that hay.

The old cast, with a lot of trunks for some Indians and exaggerated pressure from all sides. Dorival is a good option for Fla, but I’m sure they’ll start questioning his head if things don’t work out tomorrow against Cuiabá.

Leave the medallions in the bank to never play again without losing the locker room.

The biggest problem is a football department made up of the incompetent. Starting with the vice president of the area, Marcos Braz. Add to that a scorched earth situation, with the team old and poorly prepared in physical, technical and tactical terms. In short: Dorival catches a cucumber gentleman ahead.

Dorival Júnior has a lot of work ahead of him. You have to save the emotions of the group, hit the tactical side, which is completely destroyed by Paulo Sousa, and get the medallions in shape. Honestly, I don’t think it’s possible in the short term, with such a complicated schedule ahead.

The making of the football department of the club as a whole, including the players and managers, understands that Flamengo is no longer in their head. That some houses will have to be restored. Have more humility, understand that some cycles are over, and that a new group in all aspects must emerge.

Dorival Júnior’s biggest problem is inheriting an old squad, winning the club and having long and recently renewed contracts. You have to clean the cast and that’s a directive role. If the coach leaves to do the administrative task, he is tired of the rest of the squad.

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