What if a cockroach gets in your ear? Find out what to do with it Lake District

Can you imagine a cockroach in your ear while you sleep? A resident of Cabo Frio had this experience last weekend and says he has given up.

Professor Aline Lopes spent more than 24 hours with the insect in her ear, walked through the health units and received care only after Dr. André Defaveri, a private clinic doctor, became aware of the case and had sympathy with the patient.

“I found out through a patient friend who is also a friend of ours. He saw the girl’s drama on social media and contacted me asking if I could do something for her,” said Dr. André Defaveri.

“Throughout my career, I work in many cases with others who can afford it and can’t. I work with everyone in the same way. And I feel very rewarded and happy when I work and fix it for free with someone. They came to me because of the problem. what pushed me was the girl’s condition and a friend’s request, ”the doctor added.

Cockroach removed from teacher’s ear in Cabo Frio – Photo: Aline Lopes / personal archive

What are the risks and what to do?

Although the insect is small, it can cause a lot of trouble when it gets into the ear.

“There are people who complain that we feel like we have an elephant inside our ears because it causes a lot of pain, even more so,” said Dr. Andres.

According to the expert, such cases are very common. O g1 he asked for advice on the procedures to be followed and asked him what the health risks of the patient were.

Aline Lopes and Dr. André Defaveri after a procedure to remove the cockroach from the patient’s ear in Cabo Frio, RJ – Photo: Aline Lopes / personal archive

“When the insect enters the ear, the first thing to do is to fill the ear with any liquid, be it water, liquid Vaseline, medicine, etc., and keep the ear raised until the insect stops moving. In that case, it drowns. the patient should seek out an otolaryngologist and not try to go homenor to go to emergencies where there is no proper material, ”he said.

The woman spends 24 hours wearing a cockroach in her ear in Cape Frion

According to the doctor, despite the simple procedure in the hands of a specialist, not all professionals can do it.

“Sometimes a doctor is very good-natured but, poor thing, he doesn’t have the right material to get rid of an insect or any other foreign body from inside his ears. And the same procedure should be followed in the case of children, you shouldn’t.

Regarding the risks of infection, Dr. André explained that there are different risks, depending on the case.

“Yes, there are dangers when an insect gets into a person’s ear. Perforated eardrum, very severe infection, inflammation and severe pain. But when the doctor performs the procedure to get rid of the insect, he takes care of the necessary asepsis. It puts a medicine that kills the probable germs that this insect has created. For example, if a beetle gets into your ear, it is a disorder, it can cause a lot of pain and can pierce the eardrum, ”he said.

But the most important thing is that in all cases, the patient is looking for a specialist.

“Another interesting case is that sometimes a fly can get into a person’s ear. The fly came in and out. After a week, the person may feel something moving in their ear. They are the eggs that put the flies and turned them into larvae. And then he has a lot of suffering. In this case, it is also good to look for a specialist doctor to remove the insect and carry out the necessary antiseptic procedure to kill any germs that may be in the person’s ear, ”explained the otolaryngologist.

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