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As Web3 approaches, consumers and brands will be affected by what the Internet has to offer (Image: Freepik / rawpixel.com)

web3, NFTs, block chain, metaverse. If these words are not yet part of your daily life, it is good to run: they will be the same structure on the internet.

lately SXSW – South by Southwest – trends for this new moment were on the agenda of several panels, emphasizing the decentralization that this network model entails.

Rapid digital transformations have led to even more rapid pandemics, structural and behavioral changes, indicating an increasingly hyperconnected future.

However, if we are the users of the “network waves” we are currently navigating, a new era is coming true – and it will come in the near future, in which we will be the captain of our ships, under our control. data and the direction we want to navigate.

In this new website, we once again have our identity, now stored in our virtual wallet. Instead of being scattered and controlled by big technology, our data is in the blockchain network, in our possession, and not on other platforms, which is already the basis for assets like cryptocurrency and NFT.

“Although the structure is new, something is not changing in Web3: it will remain at the heart of what the individual is,” says Ribas (Image: Disclosure)

This independence of the user, who is now a member of the decentralized internet, also favors access to the metaverse, where we can imagine with our identity and active power what we are and where we are going.

A model that meets the expectations of consumers, who are now increasingly seeking control of their data under the watchful eye of big technologies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple. After leaks like Cambridge Analytica, or the power of algorithms that are able to direct our behavior and interests, their integrity was challenged by the dependency that makes us vulnerable to these companies.

Influence on brands and consumers

Being aware of these changes is also a key factor for brands. Hyperconnection has led to new levels of demand, such as the need to adapt their strategies and businesses to a platform-centric world.

There is no longer a way for companies to decide which channels they want or can put together, adapting to what is happening at any given time. A presence on Web3 and metaverse will be essential, as will the ability to respond to the requests of members of this new internet, so that they can exchange products and services through blockchain-related portfolios.

Although the structure is new, something is not changing in Web3: the individual will be at the center of everything. And if so marks already aware of this, the future makes this move essential for the market to survive.

It is necessary to understand and value people, to meet their current and future expectations by linking them to business goals. Increasingly, it will be essential to understand the customer’s touch points and be able to deliver an important experience.

In short, consumers want their information under control, but without sacrificing a personalized experience. With Web3, this framework will guide the future of communication, relationships, and business itself. If your brand is no longer aware of these moves, it’s time to pay attention.

Web3 wants to be a revolution, but also a new beginning for the Internet, according to the ideals that created it: with the individual at its center — and with the power to choose where to go.

Roberto Ribas He is the CEO of Brivia Strategy and a Board Member. With 22 years of experience, he has created the BXM (Brand Experience Management) methodology and has always been a leader in multidisciplinary teams, in the design and development of brand strategies and digital transformation projects for big brands. He worked to strengthen the sector as a co-founder and former president of the Brazilian Association of Digital Agencies (ABRADi / RS). He graduated from UFRGS and specializes in Marketing at ESPM.

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