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The new emojis arrived on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones with an update to the 14.0 package, which made available about 37 new icons. The proposal is to provide users with a more comprehensive catalog, as well as options that reinforce important issues, such as LGBTQIA + representation. To use new smiles in chat apps, it’s important to understand what each one means; therefore, Emojipedia has revealed all possible interpretations. Check out what the new emojis are and what they mean below.

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The list shows what they mean and how to use ten of the latest emojis available – Photo: Play / Emojipedia

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The melting emoji of the face functions as a metaphor, as if the person is “breaking” to form a well. The sticker is ideal when the user is in the middle of an embarrassing situation and wants to express embarrassment. It can also be a good option for use in times of extreme heat, which leads to a feeling of “melting”.

Ideal for embarrassing situations or intense heat, the melting face is on the list of new emoji – Photo: Play / Emojipedia

bi. emoji with hidden eyes

A terrifying face that covers her eyes and looks at her fingers: this is one of the 37 new emojis available. According to Emojipedia, novelty represents the duality between wanting and not being able to move away from something. It’s a good opportunity to send moments of curiosity, even if you know that a topic is embarrassing, scary, or scary.

Curious face with hidden eyes can be used – Photo: Playback / Emojipedia

The “face greeting” icon shows a half face and a greeting, simulating a military greeting. Emoji can be used to show respect for people and subjects or to show obedience to an order received.

“Saluting Face” says goodbye to the military and acts as a gesture of respect or obedience – Photo: Reproduction / Emojipedia

4. emoji with a pointed face

This emoji option is made up of a face with an annoying expression and dotted edges, which is often used to depict invisible characters in comics. Liberation can be used by anyone who wants to isolate or “disappear” in the face of a negative or embarrassing situation.

Pointed-edge emoji indicates a desire to “disappear” in a bad or embarrassing situation – Photo: Playback / Emojipedia

The “crying” emoji came to represent the cry of emotion. She shows a smiling face with tears in her eyes, which is linked to tenderness, pride, admiration and gratitude. It’s great for responding to a love message, for example. It can also be used in other contexts, such as proving that someone is trying to smile and keeping you calm in a moment of sadness.

Little face “crying with emotion” shows a smile and eyes full of tears – Photo: Reproduction / Emojipedia

6. emoji touching the thumb of the thumb

The new gesture-related emoji option shows a thumb touching the index finger with one hand, forming a heart with your fingers and fist. The sign is known on the internet as the “finger-heart” and was made famous by K-pop stars. The symbol can be used to show love and affection, and thanks to its popularity on social media, it was included in the Unicode list.

Finger heart goes viral on the net and reaches the list of new emojis – Photo: Play / Emojipedia

7. emoji from the party world

The party mirror ball is a well-known object, widely used in the middle of nightclub nightclubs. Now, it has become an emoji that can be useful for making elegant messages about parties and music to show excitement for events.

The Mirror Globe is popular throughout the dance floor; emojis can be used to talk about parties and music – Photo: Play / Emojipedia

8. emoji with a tear of smile

Among the novelties is the face with a smile and a single tear in his eyes. Emoji is used with sarcasm when a person tries to smile and calm down even in bad times, but it can also be sent to express gratitude or express more emotional content.

A smiling face can be used in different contexts – Photo: Play / Emojipedia

9. emoji biting his lip

A mouth that bites one side of the lower lip indicates a sexy gesture and is a good alternative to flirting in conversation, for example. On the other hand, emoji can also be used to refer to situations of fear, anxiety and anxiety, as such feelings also bite people’s mouths.

A mouth that bites your lip is ideal for romantic contexts, but it can also express fear and anxiety.

10. emoji of a pregnant man

Representing the “pregnant man” in the emoji is another step in getting trans people into the Unicode list and has been much applauded by the LGBTAQIA + community. Inserting the icon reinforces that they can also take the baby. In addition, according to Emojipedia, the note can also be used in other contexts, such as the joke tone to represent the feeling of being full after eating too much.

Emoji of a pregnant man takes transgender people and is another step towards representation – Photo: Reproduction / Emojipedia

With information from Emojipedia, Forbes and InsideHook

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