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Take a look at the first part of an article by Mason Nystrom of Messari about the famous Internet 3.0 (Image: Freepik / vectorpouch)

Basically, web3 (or Web 3.0) is the next era Interneta paradigm shift towards a more democratized internet.

It is expressed through the new Web3 technologieslike cryptocurrenciesvirtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and more.

Made possible by new technologies, the Web3 movement was driven by a change in how we, as a collective, view and value the Internet. It’s about Web3 create an internet that works for people and commanded these people.

At first, there was nothing; then came the internet

Basically, the Internet has changed the way we see the world. This is not a controversial statement. However, it is important to note that the Internet has changed so much that it has become so underestimated.

Think about a topic or topic that you care about economic, political or social – and, with a single search Googleyou will see that the internet has radically shaped or transformed this issue.


The Internet is directly responsible for the rise of globalization and e-commerce, two trends that have had a profound effect on the world.

Specifically, in 2017, 2018 and 2019, the Information Technology sector. S&P 500 double the value and today, the technology sector accounts for about 25% of the total S&P 500 index.


This part is pretty obvious, as the word “social” also has a new meaning compared to two decades ago.

before small startupsnow Facebook, Google, Instagram and twitter received Over 40% their venture capital dollars as advertisements paid for by new startups.

Although the impact of such new platforms in the future is not yet known TikTokit’s pretty amazing for influencers social networks.


fake news misinformation fake news
Over time, the Internet remained “free” but corrupted (Image: Pixabay / Wokandapix)

Algorithms that provide manually selected news, instead of being designed to provoke, have become commonplace. affected by the internet political elections around the world, creating a new generation of original internet bureaucrats.

The Internet has changed everything: financial markets, culture, elections … Everything. There are few exceptions to this rule, where it seems to be the law of nature.

A decade or two from now, events caused by the Internet or directly will reshape the world many times over. That’s why the future of the Internet is more important than ever.

2020 elections, fake news
and decentralization of social networks

Why do we need Web3?

The early years on the Internet were exploratory.

Similar to the ideology of the Doctrine of Manifest Destiny — the belief in expansion USA It was justifiable and unavoidable across the American continents: the pioneers of the first technology hijacked, hijacked, and commercialized the Internet.

As time went on, the Internet remained “free” but corrupted.

You can see this in your life when you try to buy a bus, train or plane ticket. All your searches are recorded, sold and manipulated against you.

How to protect your data
in a world so connected?

The Internet is in your hands, but you are not its master. People around the world face greater challenges, especially in countries where the Internet is partially blocked, restricted, or completely blocked.

The main feature of the Internet was the democratization of information. However, today, the information is much more questionable, isolated, and sometimes very damaging. false accounts controlled by robots children are being manipulated.

Human and realistic facescreated with artificial intelligence, it will create even more problems for society “deepfakes”And identity theft.

False accounts resulted in total economic losses $ 70 billion in 2019 and the tendency is to increase over time. The human condition virus has caused digital viruses — fake news — whose speed slook at times faster than the real news.

This trend has serious consequences.

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