Web 3.0, DeFi 2.0, Metaverse and NFTs: 4 cryptocurrencies to look at in 2022

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Here are some of the major cryptocurrencies that I believe should not escape our radar in 2022:

1- The verse

Metaverse became a joke as soon as Facebook decided to change its name to Meta.

In a recent text, I talked about the definition of what metaberse is and why I think it has tremendous potential for growth in the coming years.

Everything is still too early and it is difficult to set parameters for this. The question of whether it will be the only main verse, some interactions, or what will attract people to it, among other things, are questions to answer in the years to come.

From the height of my current studies and knowledge, I find it difficult to have a single metaverse, on the other hand, we should have a metaberse with a majority participation.

Another point I don’t see today is the development of a metaverse without the gamification associated with it. It doesn’t have to be a game (in the definition of games we have today) but in the way it works I don’t see how to attract and retain a virtual community with some kind of gamification, reward model, etc. .

2- NFT

If in 2021 the NFT won the world with initiatives like NBA top shot, bored gorillas, real estate assets tokenization and so on, in 2022 there is no reason to stop.

NFTs, as I have said several times, are creating a shortage in the world of abundance, creating business models that would be unimaginable without them. And speaking of the unimaginable, Vitalik Buterin himself, the founder of the Ethereum network, stated on his twitter that NFTs were one of the products of the Ethereum network that he did not anticipate would exist.

Another point that confirms this view is the financing round of Open Sea (Series C), the largest nfts trading platform, which was launched on January 22 and has a market value of USD 13 billion. It was founded in 2017.

3- WEB 3.0

Year of Metaverse and NFT cannot be without decentralized infrastructure to support them. But web 3.0 is so much more than that, it’s a way for us to stay connected in a virtual environment, managed autonomously, through DAOs, where we will own our digital assets.

WEB 3.0 development depends on a network infrastructure that is under construction and the Ethereum network is the main indicator.

One thing 2021 has shown is that in an open source environment, if one network starts to get into trouble, others will soon appear to cover a space that cannot be occupied. In 2021 we were creating or promoting many networks.

Community management and the number of developers involved in these networks are key to future success and in this sense the Ethereum network is still dominant and I think that is one of the main factors to consider.

4- DeFi 2.0

DeFi is one of my favorite subjects and I have spent a lot of time researching and experimenting with it. In 2021 this became much more complex due to the different networks of blockchains created and the DeFi applications created within them, but I saw little news compared to the products in the traditional financial market.

To date, DeF’s major challenge has been to replicate traditional financial market products (loans, investments, derivatives, structured products, etc.). What I see now emerging and gaining momentum are initiatives that create products that can only be viable in DeFi, and not in the traditional financial market. Money streaming is a good example of this.

In addition, the way Olympus Dao managed to finance itself, where it almost “issued” the backed currency, is giving me the feeling that the traditional financial market copying phase is lagging behind and that DeF’s exponentialization phase is really just beginning.

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