Waves will launch a Web 3.0 course

On May 17, Waves will launch a dApps programming course to prepare developers for the technologies that will become the focus of the next-generation web.

Before the release of the RIDE language for DApps, Aleksei Pupyshev Aleksei Pupyshev and his team at Ventuary, in collaboration with Waves’ DevRel, are launching an educational course for developers called ‘Mastering Web 3.0 with mastering Web’. waves’.

Waves will launch a Web 3.0 course. Why launch the course now?

In recent months, the dApps segment has grown exponentially, and new scalable solutions are arriving, proving the potential to take the blockchain en masse.

Waves itself is releasing new products for developers to use to build their decentralized applications.

In the summer of 2019, several major publications were expected, including the launch of the main RIDE network dApps, as well as Mobile Keeper, Gateways and other products.

So Waves wants more developers to master dApps and other related technologies, and to be new to Web 3.0.

Who can benefit from the course?

The course is aimed at developers and IT professionals interested in gaining practical knowledge of web 3.0 technologies, such as blockchain, dApps, the digital economy, tokenization, and decentralization.

First of all, front-end developers, webmasters, full-stack web developers (Node.js, PHP, Python), Indie / Games and iOS / Android developers are invited to join this initiative. Freelancers and those working for development studios are also welcome.

About the course

The course consists of five compulsory lessons per week and one extra lesson. Each class will have several video lectures, a quiz, and a challenge to write online code.

A smooth one-week deadline will be set for each quiz and challenge. All answers and scores will be written in blockchain to ensure full transparency.

Before each class there will be a question and answer session with course organizers and members of the Waves team.

To make the course as close as possible to the real world environment, throughout its duration, participants will work on developing a major project, Coupon Bazaar: Online Coupon and Coupon Auction Service.

Why take the course?

In addition to learning the basics of Web 3.0 product coding, each graduate will receive a certificate certified by dApp and Waves that shows their score.

Successful graduates can become technical tutors at Waves and receive a regular prize at WRT and WAVES tokens for other activities such as teaching RIDE to other developers.

In addition, successful graduates will receive preferential treatment when registering for the Waves Incubator and Waves Labs RIDE special challenges.


May 8 – Registration begins
May 17 – First Class
May 30 – End of registration
June 21 – Last class


Topic 1: Web 3.0, decentralization, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.
Topic 2: Tools for improving security. Introduction to smart accounts.
Topic 3: Tokenization and the introduction of smart assets.
Topic 4: Advanced Smart Accounts and Smart Asset Functionality. Surveillance Services. Introduction to RIDE for dApps.
Topic 5: Practice using decentralized applications and RIDE for dApps.
Additional lesson: Advanced Blockchain Waves functionality.

Terms and conditions

The number of places is limited. To register for the course, fill out this form. Knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js will be the main selection criteria.

However, if you are unfamiliar with JavaScript or Node.js, please indicate this on the application form and additional materials will be sent to you before the course begins. Participation in the course is free.

If you have any questions, please contact the Waves community in Brazil. The Brazilian Waves community is on Twitter, Telegram and Facebook, making it one of the largest in the world.

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