watchOS 9: New clock faces, sleep phases and more

Apple announced today watchOS 9new version of the system Apple Watch. Check out the main news announced at the opening of the booth WWDC22.

Four appeared new dials: One based on the planet Earth, called Astronomy; another about the lunar calendar, with various data related to the Moon, linking the Gregorian calendar to that used in cultures such as Chinese, Islamic, and Hebrew; a third that is more playful and aimed at children playtime and one last Subwaywith greater attention to design, the center in one color, the frame in another, and the extended number of hours.

It was also said that there will be more dials with complications with a lot of information. As presented, this is a great way to display a lot of important data and items at a glance and should be expanded in more options.

New features of the app were also announced. podcasts for watchOS, including a richer search, make it easier to find sessions and episodes through your watch. There will also be child-friendly features in this app.

New features for Apple Watch developers were also highlighted. Features like sharing should be made easier with watchOS 9.

Several new features were announced in the area Sport. He was more dedicated to the development of sports such as running and swimming. The follow-up of these exercises will now be more accurate, thanks to the combination of different sensors in the Clock, such as the accelerometer, to control movements, elevation, among others.

It can also be set areas of heartbeat, as well as more opportunities to create and customize workouts. In addition, training can be alternated with recovery sites, and with automatic detection it will also be possible to switch between different sports.

The application was also submitted Fitness for iOSso you no longer need an Apple Watch to enjoy some features. This way, the iPhone’s sensors will monitor your daily exercise, showing your progress on your phone if you don’t have a watch.

It was a new feature announced Phases of sleep. As with other products in the field, watchOS 9 will have a more accurate function of tracking your sleep time, and classifying how long the person has been awake while lying down, reading, medium, deep sleep, among other things. classifications.

It was also announced that Apple could contribute to the people involved in the study by sending the data collected with the clock directly to the research database.

Presentation time was also devoted to follow-up history of atrial fibrillation, something that was now licensed by a U.S. government agency. It will be possible, in addition to observing changes in the heart, to share a PDF with the data with doctors.

It is dedicated to another new feature medications. It will be possible to record all medications ingested by the user in order to receive notifications when taking them, to avoid complications and to alert them to drug interactions. Thus, mixing different substances makes it possible to mitigate the negative effects. The feature is also available and depends on iOS to make it work as well.

Finally, the support of six new languages ​​on the watchOS keyboard was highlighted, as well as the privacy issue, especially when data is encrypted on Apple Watch and other devices. As mentioned, they are shared only with the express consent of the user, ensuring the safety of the users.

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