VP regrets Jô’s departure from the Corinthians and says he is content with Guedes

As has been the norm since he signed with the Corinthians to work in Brazilian football, coach Vítor Pereira did not shy away from questions from journalists and was sincere in his answers after Timão’s 2-0 win over Juventude. The Portuguese regretted Jô’s departure and, for the first time after expressing his anger at Róger Guedes, praised the shirt 9.

“I am very sincerely sorry. I had a relationship of trust and commitment with Jô. There was a first situation and we talked that he would not deviate from professionalism so as not to leave the team in difficulty. I am very sorry for Jô, he has qualities which is important for our game, but the habit is repetitive and has become a pattern.If the group image and team spirit are affected, there is no solution.It’s a shame because he has quality.always a team player, a friend that we unfortunately lost on the way. Now we have to reinvent the solutions “, explained the commander to the Corinthians when asked about the period that ended with the conclusion of Jô’s contract.

Without the striker, the Portuguese were forced to improvise Róger Guedes as a reference in the offensive system in Saturday’s clash (11) against Juventude. Even if it wasn’t the position where he felt most comfortable on the field, the shirt 9 ‘broke the branch’ there and, according to Vítor Pereira, his role was good.

“My evaluation of the players is honest and sincere. I have talked to Róger many times and, despite the quality he has, he has had a lot of blackouts in the game. There have been times when he has and there have been times when he’s not. blackout, turn on and off, then late react. What I asked him, I know he’s not an area striker, but he’s a player with mobility and technical quality. He has to press and score. He’s strong, he has to show up in the area ..What has changed? He has changed in being available and wants to do things, not get angry, and do a new function with no opportunity to leave.He does this with effort and contentment I am very good at his work.He is a player who, if he is committed, can help us a lot ”, he commented.

As a result today, the Corinthians reached 21 points and slept on top of the Brazilian Championship. Tomorrow (12), Palmeiras will face Coritiba, Couto Pereira, and in case of a draw or loss, Timão will finish the 11th round at the top of the table. After the competition, Alvinegro measured the Athletico-PR forces, at the Arena da Baixada. The duel in Paraná will take place next Wednesday (15).

See other excerpts from Vítor Pereira’s press conference:

Game analysis

“A good win, some good playing moments, good dynamics. We could have scored one or two more goals to accomplish the game we played. Climate. About the last game, we lacked what we could do. , but that’s about it. We played well and got a good response “.

In Offensive Posture and Pressure Marking

“We put more pressure, we did something wrong in the last game, we gave space to the opponent. We didn’t find spaces and I asked to be more dominant so we wouldn’t let the opponent move. more dynamic, we have quality dynamics, we are more reactive when defeated -press and if not, it will force us to run backwards. succeed and for others it seems like the team always arrives late. Now, luckily, we are more aggressive ”.

In the role of club -trained players

“Very satisfied. Probably because of working at the base for a few years, I have a project to create spaces for base players. Confidence for them to grow, this future includes appreciating the work done at the base. , They need to have space to train and work with the main team and gain confidence to play at the level they are trained.The players have quality and that is how the fruit of a club is prepared.See them Adson, Du, Pion and Mantuan the game they are playing now I am happy. That is part of the club “.

About Adson’s Tactical Function

“I have to give freedom, but without giving complete freedom. Adson is a more than average player in technical terms. Although not strong, he knows the moments of pressure, he knows he says he can’t play physically, but he’s intelligent, he steals .balls and helps with pressure.It’s quality, it’s a good talent that the club has in its hands.It needs to be more Adson and now we see a lot of Adson in the field ”

About the ownership of Rafael Ramos

“Rafael is going through a very difficult time, a little far, a little far he seems to be involved in problems. He sees his dignity as a person affected, he needs time to recover and now a important game for him. can help us, he is a very good person. I am happy for him, I know it will not be easy to come back. I thank the fans for supporting him “.

About the Corinthians time in Brasileirão

“The Brazilian Championship is a marathon where we have to react immediately. Two consecutive losses and we will go to the middle of the table. The team can have a bad time, we don’t have a super squad, we don’t have a squad to take one and the other, we don’t have this squad.The important thing is to stay alive in competitions.I see Guardiola fail, I see Klopp fail, how can I not fail too? Sometimes not we will play good games, but we have to do as we do now and move up.This is the spirit of the team, to lose and win at the same time.The spirit of victory is necessary to be in good and bad times.The direction with us, we feel this support, it creates a good working spirit to get to CT work ”.

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