Vítor Pereira emphasized the strong spirit of Corinthians, but regretted: “We lost two points” Corinthians

Coach Vítor Pereira highlighted Corinthians’ ability to react this Saturday, as the team was twice behind in the match against Internacional, but managed to draw 2-2 in Beira-Rio. However, the Portuguese regretted not winning the team.

– Corinthians added one, but lost two points. We’ve lost two because the spirit we need to create isn’t satisfied with a point. Of course it was a difficult match. We didn’t get into the game very well. They created problems for us, basically on our right, where we didn’t defend well. We took the mantle (from the left) and put it on that side to better defend it.

– Inter has quality, it puts a lot of people on the defensive line. But it is not easy for a team to be twice behind and go to a draw. It’s not for any team, it’s a team with a strong spirit like we had. We got into the second stage much better. We made some adjustments, especially in terms of dynamics, and we came back well. We could have made it 3-2, but that’s it. A draw that did not leave us happy when the goal was a victory, said the Portuguese in a press conference.

But the coach praised the team.

– This reaction is only possible with a specific group who are not satisfied with what is happening and know that they have the ability to do better. We reacted for the first time. In the second, after adjusting a bit, we came back better and stronger, pushing Inter back, as they did in the first half. We finally got a chance to make it to the third, but it’s the result. Congratulations to my players who have been able to respond to the misfortunes – said Vítor Pereira.

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Corinthians coach Vítor Pereira with defender Gil – Photo: Silvio Avila / Getty Images

Commander Alvinegro also explained the change he made during the break, removing Róger Guedes and replacing Jô with Timão’s second goal:

– It depends on the game. It depends on what the game requires. I already talked to Roger. It has nothing to do with the characteristics of one or the other, other than what the game demanded at the time. We needed a striker who held the ball longer, who gave us time to get on the attack, which we didn’t get in the first half. Róger is more of a space, he likes to attack, to fight all of a sudden, but the game didn’t ask for that. Jô has the characteristics of a pivot, giving us time to come and help. He scored a great goal, he could have scored another goal. It went well and I’m glad I did.

Now, Corinthians is once again focusing on the Copa Libertadores. On Tuesday, the team will face Boca Juniors in Bombonera.

– I never went to Candy. But I’ve seen great Argentine classics, it’s a beautiful setting to be honest. We know it’s going to be a tough game. In a very short time, we had Inter today, we traveled to Argentina tomorrow and then home to São Paulo. As I said, it is for a group with a united nature, personality, said Vítor Pereira.

Rafael Ramos’ alleged racist offense against Edenilson was also the subject of the coach’s interview. He said he believed the word of the Corinthian player, denying that he had called his opponent a monkey. For Vítor Pereira, what happened was a communication failure, so the Inter athlete would misunderstand what the Portuguese team was saying.

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