Vítor Pereira accepts Corinthians action, says more goals lost and regrets Jô’s departure | Corinthians

Corinthians beat Juventude 2-0 this Saturday for the 11th matchday in Brasileirão and have taken the lead. Vítor Pereira highlighted his team’s “good victory”, regretted not scoring more goals and spoke for the first time about Jô’s departure.

– It was a good victory. Played well at times, with good dynamics and without conceding a goal. I don’t remember much of an opponent’s chance. We could have scored a goal or two more to complete the game, ”he said.

There were 12 shots from Timão, but one goal at a time. For Vítor Pereira, he has already admitted that he has reinvented the attack after Jô’s departure, it goes straight to the pressure of the team.

– I can’t do that with a tired team. Today, I asked him to press hard, not to let the opponent throw so many deep balls, because it forces us to run backwards. We reacted more when we lost the ball, and that was one aspect we were leaving.

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Vítor Pereira gives a press conference after Corinthians 2 x 0 Juventude – Photo: Henrique Toth

In the face of a more closed opponent, Vítor Pereira said he thought of balancing the sides of his team. The key to the game, however, was to keep the left more surrounded on defense, and the right, with Adson, Giuliano and Rafael Ramos, finding more space.

– The right side with Giuliano, Adson and Rafa is also technical. Technically, Adson is strong, Giuliano has great quality, he knows how to play between the lines and he is very combative, because he is intelligent, he knows the dynamics he needs to understand, where he needs to be, the movement he needs. do. I think we had balanced right and left sides.

Former Corinthians striker who left the club this week has regretted Vítor Pereira and said he is thinking of another attack without him.

– I’m really sorry. I established a relationship of trust and commitment with Jô, both of us. There was a first situation, we talked about it and our commitment was not to re-happen a situation that deviated from professionalism and that did not leave the image of the club and the team in difficulty. Sorry. Jô has features that were very important to our game. But repetitive behavior becomes a pattern, and when it becomes a pattern and damages the club’s image and team spirit, there is no other solution. For me, there was no other solution than this. It was a loss, because he has quality, he’s a good person, he’s always been a teammate, a friend, that we sadly lost along the way.

– Now we need to reinvent the solution. We have to make a different attack, we have players from a different dynamic. This is football. They are important players, recovering from injuries and returning to the quality we have at our disposal. This time, without Jo.

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Finally, Vítor Pereira spoke about what this Saturday’s victory means, in addition to leadership. He talked about mistakes, success, and friendship.

– I see Guardiola fail, Klopp fails in some chances, sometimes in the finals, who pay dearly. So how come I didn’t fail too? Sometimes you look at your opponent, imagine the game and then the game says something else. And that, in fact, despite the temperature and travel, was not the only system – he commented.

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– We have to react immediately and that’s what we did today, with the desire to see my team at the end of the game. This is the spirit I feel within this club: friendship, when we suffer, we suffer together, when we have to laugh, when we have to laugh together, we have to take responsibility together, as a team and that spirit that keeps us alone – he added. .

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Watch Vitor Pereira's interview after Corinthians 2 x 0 Juventude

Watch Vitor Pereira’s interview after Corinthians 2 x 0 Juventude

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