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Benzema and Salah have dominated the discussion about the best player in the world these days, and the FIFA Ballon d’Or and The Best awards are unlikely to disappear from anywhere – that the French forward is a clear favorite of his Champions League achievements.

But there is still room on this podium, and the Champions League final in Paris sheds light on who has taken big steps to qualify for the position: Vini Jr.

Vini Jr. Vinicius Junior kisses Champions League after Real Madrid beat Liverpool – Photo: Lee Smith/Reuters

The striker revealed by Flamengo scored the goal in Real Madrid’s 14th Champions League title. The show was not enthusiastic, but he showed the star of the great players to decide on a duel that relied more on Liverpool.

The goal, however, is detail. In fact, it was the only cake icing on a top-notch season for Vini Jr. Today, he is the best Brazilian player in the European event and the most likely bet for the upcoming award for best in the world, despite surpassing Neymar. The PSG ace himself has named his teammate his favorite to win one of the awards.

Best moments: Liverpool 0-1 Real Madrid, in the 2021/22 Champions League final

Vini meets all requirements

The analyzes for Ballon d’Or and The Best are, in general, based on individual and collective performance. Vini complied with all the requirements. For Real Madrid, he has won the major tournaments expected: Spanish Championship and Champions League. In both, he has a decisive role. Which brings us to the attacker’s personal income.

The explosion of numbers for Vini Jr. This is explained in an article in ge. The Brazilian grew up with the confidence Ancelotti has received, taking advantage of the changes the coach has made and also his own maturity, mostly a 21-year-old who has played at a high level since he was 18.

Vini finished the season with 22 goals and 16 assists in 52 games. There were 38 direct participation goals from Real Madrid.

In short for those who voted for these awards. titles? Vin won. Goals and help? in buckets. Star of the most decisive moment of the season? There is also.

Vini Jr. in the 2021/2022 season for Real Madrid

Games 52
goals 22
fresh 16
Minutes of goal participation 112
titles 2 (Spanish Championship and Champions League)

Competition for the podium

Time served to consolidate Vini Jr. mind top player. No wonder he has an advanced conversation with Real Madrid to renew the contract and jump to the first level of the squad’s salary.

With the exception of Benzema and Salah, Vini’s other competitors for the top 3 are not unanimous. Mbappé showed a high level, but PSG did not cooperate at the time. Mané shines in Senegal and also has good chances at Liverpool, but the vices of the Premier League and Champions are against him.

Vini Jr celebrates with a goal for Real Madrid against Liverpool in the Champions League final (Photo: Molly Darlington/Reuters)

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo still have a pedigree of legends, but they haven’t been able to go back in other years. Lewandowski remains impressive numbers, but Bayern are also far from conversion.

Perhaps Vini Jr.’s competitors are his own teammates. Courtois ’impressive performance in the final against Liverpool definitely won him the title of best goalkeeper in the world and also made him qualify for the fight. Modric is another one who has an impeccable time.

Before the Champions League final, Benzema declared Vini one of the top five players in the world. However, a decision of this magnitude is always an opportunity to create new legends. And the shining star Vini Jr. taking him to a whole new level.

The most interesting thing, especially for Brazilian football, is that Vini is only 21 years old. With a top-notch structure behind him and praised for his career focus, the striker will be able to do even more in the coming seasons. Consider, for example, a new leap in quality similar to what was seen in 2021/2022.

Today, Vini is accredited in the top 3 of the best players in the world. If he follows this path, we will soon talk about him in the fight for the top spot on the podium.

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