Verstappen wins duel with Sainz in Canada; Hamilton quickly broke the podium, 3. | formula 1

Even from the pole position, Max Verstappen sweated in the final laps of the Canadian Grand Prix for his sixth victory in the 2022 F1 season. The Dutchman from RBR defeated Carlos Sainz this Sunday, extending his championship lead. Third, Lewis Hamilton overcame a bad start to the weekend and ended a seven-race drought away from the podium.

Despite his promises, Fernando Alonso did not finish second on the starting grid and crossed the finish line in seventh place. Charles Leclerc overtook him, making a good recovery, moving from 20th to fifth place.

Max Verstappen wins F1 Canadian Grand Prix – Photo: Clive Rose / Getty Images

With three stops caused by Sergio Pérez, Mick Schumacher and Yuki Tsunoda, on laps 9, 20 and 45, the lead positions were managed with specific pit stops. Verstapp’s first yellow flag stopped and he remained calm until his second pit stop on lap 43.

Sainz took the lead and then overtook his rivals in the tire change. The Spaniard, who was already narrowing the gap with his opponent in 3 seconds, stuck to the current champion when he got out of the safety car in the last rounds, but was unable to get close.

Hamilton started in fourth place with his first tire change with his rival RBR and with the fall of Fernando Alonso he finished last on the podium, keeping a higher pace than George Russell and visiting the pits at the right times.

Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz shake hands after Canadian Grand Prix – Photo: Clive Rose / Getty Images

He has won seven times since winning the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix at the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix at the 2022 Bahrain Grand Prix. The last time a race was unfinished in the top 3 in 2013 was in eight rounds.

The two-time Alpine champion, who started from the front row, remained in the top four in the opening season, but was down in the 26th lap after a change of first tires.

Leclerc started in 20th place after changing all the components of his power unit, made a good 41 laps to get into the top 10 with the compounds and stayed there, despite dropping a few positions in his pit stop. In the end, he won the fight with Alonso and Esteban Ocon of Alpine.

Lewis Hamilton on the Canadian GP podium; in the third, the British broke the fast in seven races out of the top 3 – Photo: Dan Istitene – Formula 1 / Formula 1 via Getty Images

Lance Stroll started on the 16th and crossed the finish line in the tenth, scoring a goal at home. On the other hand, it was a bad day for McLaren: the British team lost 36s6 in the pits to Daniel Ricciardo and lost the pit stops to Lando Norris and did not score.

The tenth stage of the 2022 Formula One season will be the British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit on 3 July.

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F1 Canadian GP result – Photo: F1

Verstappen scored his 26th victory of his career and his sixth in the 2022 F1 season. With the victory, he surpasses Niki Lauda and Jim Clark and is the ninth largest winner in the history of the category.

The Dutchman is 175 points behind and extends his lead over second-placed Pérez from 21 to 46. RBR, despite only winning with the champion, goes to 304 points. He remains in the lead, but with Sainz’s podium, Ferrari discounted the 80-point disadvantage by four points in second place.

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Verstappen calmly held the lead, and Alonso, while he was left behind, protected him from Sainz’s attack. Mangussen sided with Hamilton — the two had already clashed in Spain in the beginning; but despite trying, the Dane was unable to overcome his opponent and still suffered damage to the back wing.

F1 Canadian GP start – Photo: Dan Istitene – Formula 1 / Formula 1 via Getty Images

In the sixth, Mick Schumacher overtook Esteban Ocon and George Russell and dropped to eighth. At the back of the grid, Charles Leclerc won three places and was 17th. In the next lap, the race leader opened up a 2-second lead for Alonso, and on lap 3 he overtook his compatriot Ferrari.

1. Sainz overtook Alonso on lap 3, in the main straight, and finished second in the race.

2. As the gap between the first qualifiers widened, Sergio Pérez retired on lap 9, losing power on the RBR engine. He stopped the car at turn 13, causing a yellow flag and a virtual security car.

3. Verstappen and Hamilton took advantage of the same lap to change the tires. Both were replaced with medium-hard tires; the Dutchman returned in third place and the rival in sixth. Sainz is the new leader of the race.

4. Seven times the champion looks to regain the lost positions and overtakes Ocon on lap 12, finishing fifth for the Frenchman. Close up, Leclerc had already won six places and appeared in 13th place, ahead of Lando Norris.

5. Verstappen overtook Alonso on lap 15 and took the lead in the race, followed by Hamilton in fifth, 2 seconds behind Russell. Close by, Leclerc continues to push Bottasi to 11th place; In the 19th round, they both pass through Albon; the Finns and Monegasques get one place each, before.

6. After Zhou overtakes and loses seventh place, Mick Schumacher also stops the problem car and activates the virtual safety car on lap 20. Russell takes advantage of the yellow flag and goes to the pits, as do most of Sainz and the team. intermediate grid.

With that, Verstappen regained the lead, ahead of Alonso; The Spaniard from Ferrari returned to the starting position on the track. He is back in fifth place behind George Hamilton. Leclerc appeared seventh after overtaking Bottas, yet to make the first tire change.

7. On lap 23, Sainz easily overtook Alonso and regained second place in the race. A lap later, it was Hamilton’s turn to twice advance the champion and enter the podium field, with the back wing open.

8. Verstappen opened up more than 8s for Sainz, who made faster laps with fresh hard tires, eventually Alonso went into the pits on lap 29 and replaced his medium tires with hard tires. Twice the champion returns to the track in seventh place behind Leclerc, who is still unstoppable.

9. Sainz managed to get at least 3s off Verstappeni’s disadvantage in the last ten laps. The F1 champion, with harder-spent compounds, also complained about his lack of maturity. On lap 42, the Dutchman from the RBR was in the lead, followed by the Spaniard from Ferrari and the third from Hamilton.

10. On lap 43, Ferrari finally called Leclerc, in sixth place, to the pits; the Monegasque swaps his hard tires for two medium pairs. On the next lap, the leader of Verstapp goes to the pits again to put on hard tires and Hamilton is ahead when he leaves the box office. He returns in third place.

11. On lap 45, Hamilton also stopped and changed his hard tires for two new pairs. Russell closely follows his colleague Mercedes; with this, the positions are returned to the original positions, with the seven-time champion in third place and his teammate in fourth place.

12. Tsunoda called the third yellow of the race on lap 49 after he fell out of the pits after falling off the 2nd lap after a tire change. This time, the safety car on the track; The Sainz leader took advantage to change the hard tires and dropped to second, ahead of Verstappen.

With 21 hard laps, Alonso returned to the middle of the pit stop and finished sixth.

13. The safety car left the track on lap 55. Despite approaching the top ten with the safety car, all positions were maintained to restart, leading to the Verstappen pitch from Sainz to 0s1.

14. Leclerc overtook Alonso on lap 58 and, two laps later, took fifth place over Ocon. After the overtaking, Monegasque ended up going straight and lost his new opponent against the Alpine opponent, but managed to regain fifth place.

At the front, Sainz continued from the wings of Verstappen, but was unable to pass the opponent even with the back wing open.

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