Vasco’s new coach, Maurício Souza, is a multi-champion at the base, creates a salon and has a strategist profile | Basque

Maurício Souza was not in the agreement, but he will replace Zé Ricardo. The conviction of Carlos Brasil and Eduardo Húngaro Vasco, manager and coordinator, weighed heavily on the choice, respectively. But what prompted the footballers to bet their chip on a coach who has never been in charge of a professional team?

A lot of people were outraged, even in the football department, but Brazil and Húngaro paid the contract and convinced Vasco’s management, among the options, in the current scenario of the club, that Mauricio was the best option.

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Both spent most of their careers in the youth category. They are professionals who stand out in the segment and know the field well. They worked together and saw Maurício excellently in the basic teams. First in Botafogo, but especially in Flamingo, where he won many trophies. In the under-20 category, he was champion of Copinha, Copa do Brasil, Brasileiro and Supercopa do Brasil, among others.

Roger Flores, on Maurício Souza: “He needs a more mischievous way to acquire Vasco”

The 48-year-old Mauricio’s playing style also attracted Vasco’s attention. Inside, he is considered a coach with a balanced profile, who prepares his teams according to his opponents and has a tactical repertoire. The club also believes he is one of the few coaches of the new generation, working on a high block, putting pressure on him in an organized way.

Even without the 777 grant, the financial issue was also crucial. Other questions, however, were considered, he says ge. Knowing and enjoying working with young players, the repertoire of the stage, the way people deal with it and the lively style on the edge of the pitch.

Maurício Souza, former Flamengo under-20 coach, is Vasco’s new coach – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

by a professional Mauricinho ruled Flamingo 19 timesmost in the first rounds of the 2020 and 2021 Carioca Championships, when the club started competing with boys under 20.

He also took the team temporarily between the departure of one coach and the arrival of another, when Rogério Ceni tested positive for Covid-19 and Renato Gaúcho also preferred not to travel to Natal. Brazilian Cup last year after winning the first match 6-0. There were a total of 12 wins, three draws and four defeats in those periods.

In addition to his Botafogo and Flamenco experience, Mauricio had a brief stint at Athletic earlier this year when he took over as assistant coach to Alberto Valentim, but was released less than three months after his arrival due to the team’s bad times. Vascon will have his first chance to work as an effective professional coach.

Maurício Souza was the assistant coach of Eduardo Húngaro in the first half of 2014, when he played in the group stage of Botafogo Libertadores. At the time, the team did well in the previous sentence, but fell into the group stage after finishing last in their boxes.

The following year, Carlos Brasil became the under-20 coach when he took over the base management of the alvinegro club. The contact with the current football coordinator and general manager of Vasco was essential for the recruitment announced this Monday. Maurício is also a childhood friend and is very close to the club’s former Zé Ricardo.

O ge He has listened to a number of people who have worked with Mauricinho in recent years, from indoor football to the recent experiences of Botafogo and Flamenco. The words used to define him include applied, intelligent, peer, and strategist.

In Flemish, for example, the work of Mauricino is considered essential for the rise of Rodrigo Muniz, who set out under his command in Carioca last year and was sold to Fulham from England a month later for about R $ 50 million. exchange rate at the time). He is also very close to players such as goalkeeper Hugo Souza and midfielder Luiz Henrique, who was born at the Flamenco base and is a current Vasco player.

Rodrigo Muniz and Maurício Souza Cariocan 2021 – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF

In Flamingo’s diary, Maurício Filipe Luís was one of the favorite companies of left-back in prose on tactical schemes. Vasco’s new coach proudly shares videos of some of his work on his profile on a social network. They are goal kicks and game-builders that call attention to exchanging passes from foot to foot until they reach the opponent’s area.

Mauricinho admires Pep Guardiola, the current Manchester City coach. But his great inspiration, as well as his professional mentor, was Ricardo Lucena, a former Indoor Football League champion with Vasco in 2000, the only title of a club in Rio de Janeiro to date in the competition. He was a player, apprentice and friend of Maurício Lucena, and died in 2007 of bladder cancer.

On Lucena’s recommendation, he began his coaching career at the Casa de España club, initially in charge of the under-11s. According to his press office website, He has won more than 20 titles In 10 years he migrated to indoor soccer and field soccer in Botafogo and Flamenco.

  • Carioca Under-17 Champion 2011
  • Carioca Adult Champion Category 2011
  • Carioca Under-17 Champion 2012
  • 2012 Carioca Under-20 Champion
  • 2012 Brazilian Under-20 Cup winner
  • 2013 Adult Carioca Runner-up
  • 2013 Brazilian Under-20 Cup winner
  • Carioca Under-20 Champion 2013

Botafogo field football

  • Under-13 Youth Cup Champion (2010)
  • Cup winner reveals talents under 17 (2011)
  • Rio Under-20 Cup Champion (2014)
  • Carioca Under-20 Champion (2014)
  • Tournament champion Otávio Pinto Guimarães Under 20 (2015)

Flamenco football field

  • São Paulo Junior Football Cup Champion (2018)
  • Rio Under-20 Cup Champion (2018)
  • Tournament champion Otávio Pinto Guimarães Under 20 (2018)
  • 20 U-20 Guanabara Cup Champion (2019)
  • Carioca Under-20 Champion (2019)
  • Cup winner Otávio Pinto Guimarães Under 20 (2019)
  • Brazilian Under-20 Champion (2019)
  • 2019 Brazilian Cup Champion (2019)

Luiz Henrique, Maurício Souza and Hugo with the Brazilian Under-20 Super Cup – Photo: Personal archive

The origins of indoor football

Despite being a professional player on the field, Maurício Souza is the son of indoor soccer in the Americas and in smaller teams. Vasco was an indoor soccer athlete at the end of his career, between 2001 and 2002, when he inherited the team led by Manoel Tobias and company, which came to the club at a time when Vasco’s investment in sports was interrupted. A few years later, he returned to São Januário as a member of the technical committee.

Mauricinho Vasco’s indoor soccer team in 2002 – Photo: Personal archive

Mauricinho (obvious) as a member of Vasco’s coaches under 15 at the 2009 Brazilian Cup – Photo: Personal archive

– He was a very intelligent right winger, a scorer, a player of refined technique – says Sávio Badini, the physical trainer of the Vasco football team in 2002.

– He had very strict control of his body, he was a player who was well involved in the assembly of the plays, he provided assistance. I remember facing Mauricio a lot, as a player and as a coach, we didn’t like having the ball so as not to think about the game, not to organize, not to dominate the offensive actions. He did a good read of the game, he was a good player, ”he added.

As a coach, he only migrated to the field in 2010, when he was the commander of Botafogo’s Under-11s in a competition played in Rio Bonito. However, in parallel he continued to work in indoor football. Three years later, in 2013, he received the nickname “Mouricinho”, a mention to the Portuguese multi-champion coach José Mourinho, a trophy won at the alvinegro club.

Working on the pitch and on the court at the same time gave a good story in the 2012 Brazilian Under-20 Cup qualifiers when he arrived at the match against Foz Cataratas when he was kicking the ball because of commitment. another category. Botafogo lost 3-1, but returned to 7-4 after the coach arrived.

“When he arrived, the team started in a different mood, he started running more. There will be scolding (laughter). When he entered the gym, the team started to react,” recalled one of his former teammates.

Mauricinho will have a long-awaited chance in Vasco, his friend Antônio Wagner Kbça, who is currently the football coach for Mauricio, told us.

– He was a great promoter of my growth. For those of us who know him, we know he’s one of the best coaches in our state and he’s going to do a great job if they let him work. Undoubtedly, he is better prepared than many of the famous names who have managed top clubs, says Kbça.

– Only by leaving work will he see who Brazil is. In a little while, you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about. We are talking about one of the biggest names in football, who once played indoor football, and we are now proud to see him as the protagonist, he concluded.

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