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The Guardians of the Hill team delivered, this Monday, the keys to the property where the Cândido José de Araújo Cultural Center formerly worked, where Vasco was built on August 21, 1898. The space was inaugurated in November 2020 with the help of fans and managed. at the club through a partnership with a sponsor, but it hasn’t opened its doors since last year. A for rent sign has been put up in front of the building.

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A plaque at the Candinho Cultural Center shows the site where Vasco was built – Photo: Exposure / Guardians of the Hill

One of those responsible for idealizing and implementing the project, Raphael Pulga removed furniture and items from the property at Rua Sacadura Cabral 345 this Monday. Among other things, he now has a bust of Cândido José de Araújo, Candinho, president of Vasco in 1904 and 1905, who was chosen by an internet vote to name the foundation – he is considered the first black president of a club football club in Rio de Janeiro. Another creator, Fabio Monteiro remembers the fans ’effort to make use of the space.

– We, who are fans, took donations, put our hand and raised the deal, as happened in the history of Vasco, and the club itself, with the sponsor’s money, did nothing – said Fabio on ge.

The money aimed at the fan was collected by Ambev last year and is aimed at revitalizing the property for the reopening of the foundation. In March 2021, the owner even put the space up for lease after failing to reach an agreement with Vasco’s board of directors regarding the lease. That’s when the beverage company entered the competition and paid a year’s rent, in addition to promoting a fundraising campaign for Vasco residents. R $ 70 thousand was transferred to the club for the repair of the area.

– The work is estimated at R $ 25 thousand. They did the work in October last year and did nothing more than that. They said they would hire a curator to do exhibitions, we even joined meetings to try to help, but things didn’t work out – Fabio said.

on ge, Vasco confirmed that he used almost R $ 30 thousand to repair the property, and the remaining money was invested in scenography, which could serve as decoration for another space. However, the club understands the importance of the cultural center and will continue to find partners to do the maintenance of the property. The problem now, according to the club, is the rent increase, which is almost R $ 9,000. The report also contacted Ambev, who said it was monitoring the situation.

“We did not disclose the contractual information, but the agreement for Candinho has been fulfilled, in favor of maintaining the area which is very important in the history of the club. We are following the situation closely and we hope it will be resolved as soon as possible,” he said. the Ambev on the note.

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Fans searched and retrieved Vasco’s founding site in downtown Rio

Cândido José de Araújo Cultural Center

The Cândido José de Araújo Cultural Center opened in November 2020 after fans noticed the existence of the property where Vasco was built for rent. As the club is in an election season, the group has signed a six-month contract for the new president to later manage the space, which was confirmed by Jorge Salgado’s management in January 2021.

With the mobilization of the inhabitants of Vasco, by crowdfundingthe cultural center located in the Port Zone of Rio de Janeiro became inactive due to economic unfeasibility in early 2021. At the time, Vasco also admitted to the discomfort of rising rental rates, and the situation was temporarily resolved due to in collaboration with Ambev.

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According to Raphael Pulga, the owner has negotiated with fans for cheaper rent due to the huge need for property renovations, but it is only natural that the price will go up. The contract continues in the fan’s name even after the change was paid for by Ambev.

Check out photos of the property after the revitalization that fans did in 2020:

Facade of the Candinho Cultural Center, where Vasco was built, in 2020 – Photo: Disclosure

Dynamite participates in the opening of the Candinho Cultural Center-Photo: Disclosure

Bust of Cândido José de Araújo, Vasco’s first black president – Photo: Disclosure

See photos of the property in May 2022, when it was transferred for rent:

Facade of the Candinho Cultural Center in May 2022 – with no sign showing the site where Vasco was built – Photo: Disclosure

Facade of the Candinho Cultural Center, in May 2022 – Photo: Disclosure

Candinho Cultural Center empty after Vasco did not enter into a rent change agreement-Photo: Disclosure

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