Vasco wins and takes the lead in the game of delayed uniforms

Vasco finally got his first victory in the Brazilian’s Série B and took the lead with 21 points. Tonight (7th), the Rio team beat Náutico 3-2 at the Arruda Stadium in Recife. The match was delayed by 16 minutes due to a problem with the delivery of the new uniform of the Pernambuco team.

The goals of the match were scored by Figueirdo. Andrey and Nenê, for Vasco Thasio and Jean Carlos lowered to the northeast. Timbuk is in 14th place with 12 points, but could still finish in the knockout stages.

Náutico asked to change the place of the match and the match was played in Arruda, in the Santa Cruz stadium. The change was caused by poor conditions in Aflitos’ ear due to heavy rains in the capital Pernambuco. The grass in Arruda, despite the rain, was in good condition.

Náutico’s next match will be on Friday (10) against Sampaio Corrêa at 19:00, away from home. Vasco will play his next match against Cruzeiro at the Maracanã next Sunday (12) at 4 p.m.

Vasco’s offspring stand out

Vasco played good matches for the first victory as a visitor to the basic ‘children’ team in Serie B. Andrey and Figueiredo had good matches, scoring goals. Yuri Lara, who often relies on his speed, had a rotten day on the drenched grass.

Colectivo do Náutico leaves something to be desired

The Náutico team played badly from the start to the end of the match. Many of the passing errors made it impossible for the host team to give fluidity to their game. Goalkeeper Thiago Rodrigues was a mere spectator in the first half. The changes in the second half improved the team a bit, but the team continued to play below what was already shown in this Serie B.

Vasco’s game: safe performance

The Rio de Janeiro team entered the field and controlled the game from the beginning. He had more balls, proposed offensive actions and scored goals in different plays. In the ball, Figueiredo scored a beautiful goal. After an individual play, Andrey Santos scored with Nenê, entered the area free and finished with perfection. In the second half, only the team controlled the game and continued to dominate.

Nautical game: a lot of mistakes

The ‘homeowners’ wanted the wins to touch the G4, but on the pitch, the performance was poor. The teams went for the halftime break at 0 – 1. Possession in this half belonged to fc. The team only managed to finish in the second half, when Jean Carlos managed to have a good time in the match.

Before the ball is thrown

The match was postponed for 16 minutes. The reason was a logistical problem for Náutico, as he was unable to pick up his uniform at the stadium at the time of the release of the new mantle. Club staff also went to the Aflitos stadium to pick up the old uniform, but it was not necessary.

Only Vasco entered the field and the protocol for playing the anthem was done only with the Rio team on the field. If the boat is delayed by more than thirty minutes, the referee may consider the game over.


On the front of the Basque uniform he entered with the hashtag #SOSPernambuco

Image: Reproduction / Social Networking

Vasco was stamped with a mark on the front of his uniform #SOSPernambuco traola. The T-shirts used in the match will be autographed and auctioned. The money raised will be donated to a Recife organization that helps rain victims in the northeastern state.

bound home

The match started without much emotion. Vasco had more of the ball, but could not create a clear chance to score. Náutico took a more reactive proposal, waiting for the actions of the carioca club, almost scoring a goal in his own field. The match was almost stopped again when a fan of the stands fell ill but was restarted.

Figueiredo takes a free kick

The match continued without much emotion, as the referee signaled a foul on Vasco’s attacking midfielder. The Figueiredo striker appeared in charge of a charge and hit the ball hard. Goalkeeper Lucas Perri was unable to finish the game and saw the ball hit the post and bounce off the goal, opening the scoring for the Maltese midfielder.

Vasco drowns in search of a second goal

Vasco continued better in the match and shortly after the goal was scored, Nenê crossed the ball with the ball in the direction of the goal. Lucas Perri had to make a good stop to avoid Carioca’s second goal of the match. Pec failed in a counterattack that could lead to danger.

The ‘owners’ continued without a good chance to score. After this, you could see that the players of fc were more interested in killing time than scoring more goals.

andrey increases

Vasco’s dominance was soon reflected in the lead. Andrey stole the ball on the defensive field and headed in the attack without stopping the score. At the entrance of the area, he scored with Nenê, picked up the ball inside the area and finished the second goal of the match with perfection.

Nautical is improving, but Vasco is also scared

Náutico started the second half with a different attitude, occupying more of the attacking field and looking for a draw. Náutico’s first good chance came only in the second half. Jean Carlos received a cross and hit the area hard from above the entrance.

With a good advantage, the Maltese midfielder continued to annoy his opponent. After stealing the ball from the attacking field, Pec played in Getulion. The striker finished almost in the small area and was stopped in a great defense by goalkeeper Lucas Perri. Figueirdo also scored one more goal, but the VAR canceled it out after being accused of offside.

Thassio lowers the score

Vasco continued better in the match, but Náutico managed to reduce the home side’s advantage. Pedro Vitor picked up a shot from the edge of the box that went just wide of the post. In the rebound, Thássio finished, deflected the ball to defender Anderson Conceição and died in Vasco’s net.

Nene marks the game and calms it down

The goal did not change Vasco’s position in the match, and he continued to control the game. Náutico had a little more possession of the ball, but it was the Rio club who scored again. Andrey released Figueiredo in the area he dominated, dribbled the goalkeeper and played against Nenê. The experienced midfielder kicked and beat both defenders, scoring the third goal of Vasco in the match.

After the goal, Náutico continued to try to reduce the advantage at least, but he made mistakes on the attacking field.

Penalty on the final shot

In the 50th minute of the second half, Zé Santos touched Victor Ferraz inside the area in a corner. After examining the VAR, the referee awarded a penalty, transformed by Jean Carlos, giving the match the final numbers.


The reason
: Brazilian Serie B – Day 11
date and time: Tuesday, June 7, 2022, 7:00 p.m. (Brasilia Time)
Place: Arruda Stadium, Recifen (PE)
Referee: Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (SP)
assistants: Miguel Cataneo Ribeiro da Costa and Gustavo Rodrigues de Oliveira, both from SP.
VAR: Heber Roberto Lopes (SC)
goals: Figueiredo, Vasco, 27 ‘/ 1; Andrey, from the Basque Country, 42 ‘/ 1ºT; Thássio, Náuticokoa, 25 ‘/ 2ºT; Nenê, Vascokoa, 31 ‘/ 2ºT; Jean Carlos, Nautical, 52 ‘/ 2ºT;
Yellow cards: Richard Franco, Jean Carlos, Robinho, Victor Ferraz (NAU); Edimar, Andrey (VAS);

NAUTICAL: Lucas Perri; Victor Ferraz, Wellington, Bruno Bispo, Thassio; Franco (Eduardo), Nascimento (Djavan), Jean Carlos; Ewandro (Amarildo), Pedro Vitor, Léo Passos (Robinho). Technician: Roberto Fernandes

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues; Gabriel Dias (Weverton), Danilo Boza, Anderson Conceição, Edimar; Yuri, Andey Santos (Matheus Barbosa), Nenê (Isaac); Gabriel Pec (Bruno Nazário), Figueiredo, Getúlio (Zé Santos). Technician: Emilio Faro

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