Vasco fans, an idea, a song and a hat: meet Vasconha

You heard, especially in the stands of São Januário, a specific song that resonated with force at the end of the matches that Vasco is winning. This song is “Vasconha, Vasconha, Vasconha! Without marijuana, Vasco doesn’t win!”. The opening words of the song also led to characters like digital influencer Casimiro. But where did it come from? How did it start? Who are they? We count below.

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To begin with, no: Vasconha is not an organized crowd. And no, that’s not a euphemism for something else. What is there is a group of 20 people who are identified in this way, who meet at a specific point in the Cruz-Maltino stadium on match days and who have recently seen the songs take on great proportions. And increasingly decentralized. Leaving them aside.

On Whatsapp, they say “QG Vasconha”. But long before the application, the Internet was still in its infancy in Brazil, in a sector of São Januário formerly known as a balcony, some said:

– If you don’t turn it on, you won’t win, the goal won’t go away. Clarify that it is a victory – it was said in every game. Almost out of superstition.

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It was the late 1990s, the early 2000s. In Colina, they moved to another sector. And people naturally came in and out of that circle of friendship. Today, there are still team members, we will say, original. But the post-match singing starts with more than 20 of them.

In September 2017, the cap worn by today’s famous head was patented, and then commercialized. Recently, the number of orders has increased dramatically and a new shipment, including T-shirts, has been requested. Before appearing live with Casimiro, there were an average of ten deliveries per month. Today, there are about 400 of them. They are distributed by members, and they also carry out social activities with the number gathered. Each unit sells for R $ 70.

Singing starts with anyone, almost always outside the residence. But even at the Headquarters – believe me – it is enough to be a Basque to take part in the events.

– It’s real. At least 25% of young people do not smoke. To be a part of the boys, you don’t have to smoke, that doesn’t exist. If the guy is Basque and has good blood, he’ll be with us – guarantees, BOOT!Vinícius Santos, known as Cabeça.

Casimiro wore the cap (Reproduction / Facebook Acervo Vasconha)

Friends have little props. In addition to the hat, a few banners and flags, but it can be one in your imagination. He got the Internet in 2015 while Pepe Mujica was in Rio de Janeiro. The political precedent at the time was the senator, but soon after it was the president of Uruguay who directed the legalization of marijuana in the neighboring country – legalization is the group’s agenda. But none of these pieces usually appear in Vasco’s matches.

– As we are not organized fans, we are not allowed to enter the stadiums in Beper (Specialized Police Stadium Battalion) with the material. We don’t want that, because I really can’t imagine coming to a meeting with the 6th Battalion of the Military Police (Tijuca) wearing a Vasconha cap. Complicated (laughs) – explained Vinícius, before reflecting:

– Rasta people go though. They are an organized group. We don’t understand ourselves as an organized society, that’s why we prefer the hierarchy, the president, the leader … we decide everything democratically. Always having fun, talking. Not everyone will agree, but if the majority does, we end up making the request. That was true, for example, of creating a hat, he explained.

Recreational use of marijuana is taboo in Brazil. The punishment for those caught smoking is now warning, social service or educational measures. The trial of the decriminalization of personal use began in 2015 in the Federal Supreme Court (STF), and in 2019 it has already started twice. It is 3-0 in favor of decriminalization, and the next vote is for Minister Alexandre de Moraes. No date has been set for the trial.

Commercialization, on the other hand, is read by the Constitution as any illegal substance: traffic is therefore prohibited and punishable by a greater penalty.

Vasconha is a group of a few, but it is also the corner of everyone who wants to. He insists on not becoming a crowd organized by “HQ”.

– We are an idea. We understand that anyone who is in favor of the idea can be “Vasconha”. We don’t have a ticket. It is very democratic. “A Basque from the northeast can wear our hat and replace us,” he concluded.

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