Vasco defeated Cruzeiro in the squeezing Maracanã and even consolidated in the G4

In a match marked by a fierce argument every inch of the Maracanã field, Vasco defeated Cruzeiro 1-0, with a goal from Getúlio, for the Brazilian Series B.

Pushed by a crowd that filled the stadium, Vasco tried to pressure, but found an opponent who knew how to shorten spaces and who also saw gaps in attack. In a very balanced derby, the team wins more efficiently to complete it.

As a result, Cruzmaltino retained 3rd position, jumping to 24 points and further consolidating himself in the G4. The Miners remain at the top of the competition, but now runner-up Bahia is three points behind.

Best: Gabriel Pec and Figueiredo are Vasco’s machines

More importantly for Vasco, Gabriel Pec once again stood out. Voluntarily, the player helped close the middle of the left side and still had a breath to take the team forward. With a lot of speed and movement, the shirt 11 opened up Cruzeiro’s defense and participated in most of his team’s good games. On the right, Figueiredo also played a similar role and provided plenty of defense and pulling counterattack to get Vasco out of the choke.

The worst: Edu mistreats the ball

Cruzeiro’s highest scorer of the season, with 15 goals, forward Edu had no happy afternoon at Maracanã. Raposa’s number 99 didn’t finish well with the chances he had, in addition to several missed passes and showing difficulty even in dominating the ball.

Getúlio quickly breaks the style

After going 17 games without scoring, striker Getúlio left his mark with a beautiful header that opened the scoring classic. The striker moved very well, helping to put pressure on Cruzeiro’s exit and award.

Vasco: lots of delivery at the stands

On their honeymoon with the crowd, Vasco’s team met the expectations of the more than 63,000 fans who filled Maracanã. With a lot of dedication, the team fought and showed from the start that it was going for the win, but knew how to defend the advantage using nails and teeth if the opponent lost to find a tie. If it wasn’t technically good, Vasco did it with a lot of struggle and dedication.

Cruzeiro: a lot of ownership, little time

In a few moments of the game, Cruzeiro had up to 65% possession of the ball, but that didn’t mean they got into Vasco’s place multiple times. There are a few opportunities that have been created and, almost always, there have been bad endings. Pezzolano even abandoned the plan with three defenders to put three forwards on the field, but that didn’t change the scenario of the game.


In the 23rd minute of the first half, Nenê crossed and Getúlio dived with his head to open the scoring.

Many Houses

Missing Maracanã, Vasco fans put on a lot of celebration when the team returned to the stadium and sold out all the tickets. There were 63,609 people who attended the duel against the miners.


Before the ball, there is no misunderstanding. In an open letter, Vasco complained about some of the measures adopted by Maracanã managers, which are now managed by Flamengo and Fluminense. Vasco residents said there would be an increase in rent, retention of revenue from bars and even a ban on putting up a flag. To avoid the veto, a club sponsor displayed the message on the advertising board.


The bus that would take Vasco’s delegation to the stadium broke the concentration. In order not to lose time, the direction moves vans and application cars. Despite the failure, the team arrived quickly at the stadium.


Competition: Brazilian Championship Series B
toward: Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
day: June 12, 2022, Sunday
time: 16:00 (Brazil time)
referee: Anderson Daronco (FIFA / RS)
assistants: Rafael da Silva Alves (FIFA / RS) and Michael Stanislau (RS)
VAR: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinheiro (RN)
Goal: Getúlio, in the 23rd minute of the first half
Yellow cards: Matheus Barbosa (VAS); Geovane, Neto Moura (CRU)
red cards:

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues; Gabriel Dias (Weverton), Quintero (Danilo Boza), Anderson Conceição and Edimar; Yuri, Matheus Barbosa (Juninho), Nenê (Palacios); Gabriel Pec, Figueiredo and Getúlio (Raniel). Technician: Emílio Faro

CRUISE: Rafael Cabral, Geovane Jesus (Rafael Santos), Oliveira and Zé Ivaldo; Leo Pais (Rafa Silva), Willian Oliveira, Neto Moura, Fernando Canesin (Filipe Machado) and Matheus Bidu; Jajá (Daniel Junior) and Edu. Technician: Paul Pezzolano.

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