Vasco beat Londrina in the debut of Maurício Souza and finished 2nd

Coach Maurício Souza made his debut on the right foot in Vasco. This afternoon (18), the Cruz-Maltina team won 1-0 against London, Estádio do Cafén, maintaining its unbeaten record and reaching the Brazilian Serie B Serie B lead. The scoreboard was built with a goal from Raniel, and he ended the fast.

The home team performed better in the second half and put a lot of pressure on the equalizer, but they were unable to score. As a result, Londrina remains with 15 points, in the bottom half of the standings. Cariocas are now 27th, four behind first-placed Cruzeiro.

In the next round, Paraná will host Guarani, and Vasco will face Operário in São Januárrio.

Who did it right – Mirandinha and Andrey

Striker Mirandinha was one of the most active in London’s attacking sector and, especially in the first half, gave Vasco’s defensive work. Midfielder Andrey managed to make a good presentation and helped Vasco to organize the midfield.

Who was wrong – Samuel Santos and Gabriel Dias

London’s right-back and Vasco did not have a good evening. Samuel and Gabriel Dias had a more cautious performance, marking some mistakes and holding on to the attack.

Professional debut

Maurício Souza made his debut in charge of Vasco and also as an effective professional coach. Rubro-Negro was on the edge of the midfield, but at Colinan, he has his first chance to work in the main team.

London screening

Adilson Batista’s men started the game a little messy from the middle, but they quickly managed to get it right and started to set a higher line mark. This forced Vasco to make some mistakes and create good chances – Thiago Rodrigues made a good stop and hit the crossbar.

The home team maintained their strategy in the second half, finding a good presence on the attacking field and some space. Tubarão also created new opportunities to access the net. Defensively, however, he made some mistakes that did not happen in the first half.

Vasco’s performance

Vasco entered the field with the same structure as in previous matches, with the return of midfielder Andrey. The team started the game with a strong presence, but soon began to show gaps between the sectors and made mistakes in the exit of the ball. Karioka also tried a few escapes, but few were afraid.

At the return of the break, there were improvements in the attacking sector, making it a little more convincing, but nevertheless Vasco gave up the interval and suffered in the exit of the ball. This led to Cruz-Maltino’s lack of possession of the ball and increased pressure on the defense system.


The game started busy, taking advantage of the Londrina home factor and making a more advanced mark, Vasco tried to maintain the strength between the sectors, but did not get the ball out.

One of the first chances came when Nenê found Getúlio in the back of the defense, but the attacker came out. On the other hand, Caprini initially tried after a corner, but failed to score.

Come on!

In a counter-attack, the ball went from foot to foot until London reached Mirandina. From the edge of the area, he shot and passed the ball near the crossbar.

Thiago Rodrigues defends

After a short tussle with the defender, Douglas Coutinho finally tucked the ball home.

he fell a little

Gradually, the pace of the game slowed down and the duel got a little more “stuck”. When the first half came in the final whistle, there were chances for both teams, but neither with an effective finish.

At the dash!

In the last minutes, Johnny Lucas picked up the ball at the entrance and hit the crossbar with his first shot.

he went in and did it

During the break, Maurício Souza called Raniel, who took the place of Getúlio. Two minutes later, the striker opened the scoring. After Edimar’s cross, Nenê deflected it and Matheus Nogueira defended it, but on the rebound, the 9th T-shirt completed it for the net.

With the goal, Raniel finished quickly. The final goal was won by Ponte Pretari at the end of April.

exalted spirits

In the 23rd minute, Yuri, Vasco’s midfielder, fell on the pitch and the match was stopped for service. The Londoners went to complain about the “wax” of the Maltese cross and the members of both teams were strangely seen on the pitch.

lost, twice

London’s Jhonny Lucas came close to extending the visitors’ lead when he found himself completely unmarked in front of the goal after a pass through the middle. Matheus Lucas Thiago Rodrigues did attempt a finish, but from an awkward position, sending the ball into the away fans. Shortly afterwards, Caprini hit the middle and Salatiel arrived in a carriage, but he did not arrive.


In the final whistle of the match, Londrina Vasco pressed for a draw and spent the repertoire. Meanwhile, Maurício Souza’s men couldn’t hold the ball and defended it as best they could.


Competition: Brazilian Serie B Championship
Place: Coffee Stadium, Londrina (PR)
Day: Saturday, June 18, 2022
Time: 16:00 (Brasilia time)
Referee: Jean Pierre Goncalves Lima (RS)
assistants: Lucio Beiersdorf Flor (RS) and Maurício Coelho Silva Penna (RS)
VAR: Marcio Henrique de Gois (SP)
yellow cards: Marcinho, Saimon (LEC); Edimar, Gabriel Pec, Weverton, Raniel (VAS)
red cards: –
goals: Raniel, Vascokoa, 2 ‘/ 2ºT

LONDON: Matheus Nogueira; Samuel Santos, Vilar, Saimon and Eltinho (Felipe Vieira); Mandaca (Jean Henrique), Mirandinha (Matheus Lucas), Jhonny Lucas and Marcinho (Salatiel); Caprini and Douglas Coutinho. Technician: Adilson Batista.

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues; Gabriel Dias (Weverton), Quintero, Anderson Conceição and Edimar; Yuri (Zé Gabriel), Andrey, Nenê and Gabriel Pec (Matheus Barbosa); Figueiredo (Erick) and Getúlio (Raniel). Technician: Maurício Souza

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