Vasco and Grêmio equalized without a goal in the hot weather

Tough conflicts, fouls and yellow cards. Vasco and Grêmio played tonight (2), a much more marked match than the chances created by the physical duel. The match, which is valid for the tenth matchday of Serie B in Brazil, was a great fight, with the right to fight between the players. A 0-0 draw is bad for both teams.

Vasco lost the chance to touch Cruzeiro, while Grêmio lost five games without a win and three points in the tournament.

In the table, Vasco has 18 points and Grêmio is 14th.

Who did it right: Baby

He demonstrated his usual intelligence in finding space in front of Grêmio’s defense. He was the first of the few chances to score in the game. In the first half, in a first shot, Brenno gave a corner kick. Without the 10th shirt, Vasco was less inspired

Who was wrong: Diego Souza

Isolated in front, the Grêmio striker barely touched the ball. He left the pitch in the middle of the second half for Elkeson’s entrance, which also did little

Vasco’s performance: Few shots

With the help of the crowd, Gigante da Colina started the match better and put pressure on the opponent. However, he fell into the trap set by his rivals, played in the “tightest” match and received four yellow cards in the first 45 minutes.

Getúlio couldn’t keep up with the ball and Nenêk had less space to organize the play. Despite the pressure on the return leg, the home team barely managed to score in São Januárion. The team’s only goal came in the 11th minute of the first half and the goal was scored again in the 40th minute of the second half.

Grêmio’s performance: Different attitude

Grêmio’s attitude probably took Roger’s team to where they wanted to be. With Kannemann, Edilson, Thiago Santos and Benítez, the Tricolor nightclub showed attitude with katimba snacks and lots of physical confrontation. There was room to play, but other things were missing. So much so that the team only fired twice at the target.

A 3-5-2 alignment was the formation of choice for Benítez. On the sidelines, Nicolas won more attacking space – while Edilson expected more. The problem is that the team eventually made a lot of funnels from the center and Diego Souza was left isolated.

Hot climate

The temperature rose in tonight’s confrontation. The fair play was dismissed in the 24th minute when Vasco ended the attack, even though Nicolas was down in the middle of the pitch. Moreover, only three times in the first stage, the commotion started among the athletes.

The first was between Benítez and Quintero in the 11th minute, who pushed each other after a corner kick. They both took yellow. Shortly afterwards, Nenê and Edilson also discussed it. Edilson threw the ball hard into the stands in the 37th minute, and this time he collided with Figueirdo, who was booked for pushing his opponent.

Opportunities for both sides in the initial phase

Nenê, at 11, picked it up from Figueiredo and hit a beautiful shot from the middle of the moon, but Brenno managed to slap the corner. After a very corner kick in the first 15 minutes, Tricolor arrived in the 17th minute in a play by Thiago Santos, before finishing off with Diego Souza.

Gabriel Pec could have put his team up another goal 22 minutes into the game, after a rush down the left, but his closing shot hit the post. Grêmio’s response came once again in a solo game, this time with Biel, who passed two opponents before Thiago hit the palm.

Vasco tries pressure, but Grêmio controls the game

Hill Giant came back from the locker room with more momentum, but was unable to hit his opponent’s goal. Gradually, Grêmio managed to manage the match, and the intensity dropped a lot with the exchanges between the two coaches in the final phase.

The changes left both teams in disarray on the field. So much so that the best play came in the 5th minute, when Biel dropped the lead and hit it, but Thiago made a great save to keep the equalizer. Vasco finished just under 40 minutes again when Palacios risked from outside the area. During the break, the Chilean striker hit the crossbar after a good play by Pec.

next games

Both teams will return to the field on Tuesday (7) for the 11th matchday of Serie B. At 19:00, Gigante da Colina visits Náutico at the Aflitos stadium. Later, at 9:30 p.m., Immortal welcomes Novorizontino to his Arena.

Roger Machado receives the honor of Vasco

Cruz-Maltino created the honor of Pai Santana, in memory of the legendary masseur Eduardo Santana, who was a symbol of the club in the union of different beliefs and ethnicities. 13 characters were chosen to receive the honor.

Among the names was that of coach Roger Machado, who received the honor from Roberto Santana, known as Bola Sete, the son of Father Santana. Former goalkeeper Aranha is another name in the world of football.


VASCO 0 x 0 Guild
Series B of the Brazilian Championship – Day 10
Date: Thursday, June 2, 2022
Hour: 8 p.m.
Place: São Januário Stadium, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Luiz Flavio de Oliveira (SP)
Contributors: Alex Ang Ribeiro (SP) and Evandro de Melo Lima (SP)
VAR: Vinicius Furlan (SP)
Yellow cards: Quintero, Andrey Santos, Figueiredo, Gabriel Dias and Palacios (VAS); Kannemann, Benitez and Thiago Santos (GRE)

BASQUE: Thiago Rodrigues; Gabriel Dias (Weverton), Quintero, Anderson Conceição and Edimar; Yuri Lara, Andrey Santos (Matheus Barbosa) and Nenê (Palacios); Figueiredo (Vinicius), Gabriel Pec and Getúlio (Raniel). Technician: Zé Ricardo.

GRID: Brenno; Bruno Alves, Geromel and Kannemann; Edilson (Jhonata Varela), Thiago Santos, Bitello (Lucas Silva) and Nicolas (Diogo Barbosa); Benitez (Janderson), Biel and Diego Souza (Elkeson). Technician: Roger Machado.

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