VAR intervened at the end, and Santos equalized with Atlético-MG in Mineirão

Atlético-MG and Santos drew 1-1 this Saturday in Mineirão for the 11th round of the Brazilian Championship. Savinho opened the scoring for the hosts after playing just five minutes. Rwan, on the penalty spot, in the final whistle of the match, left everything the same for Peixe.

This Saturday’s game had a big impact on the VAR. At the start of the second half, with the help of technology, the referee sent off Lucas Pires for hitting Savinho on the edge of the area when he was close to scoring. Then, the video referee again acted on Eduardo Bauermann’s penalty kick, which Jair threw inside the area.

As a result, Santos was left in the middle of the Brazilian Championship table. Atlético-MG, on the other hand, lost the chance to be dependent on themselves to remain stuck in the competition lead, as they could be eliminated from third place according to the other results of this elimination.

The game

Atlético-MG needed just five minutes to open the scoring. Keno picked up from the left, cleared the mark and Savinho crossed to the right to complete the first half of the second post, with his outside foot, scoring a beautiful goal from Mineirão to put the hosts ahead.

At the age of nine, Santos’ condition became even more worrying. Madson felt his thigh swell as he took off at speed and had to be replaced by Auro. However, Peixe made a spectacular save. Eduardo Bauermann almost put the reducer away having drawn the entire left side defense away, but the shot went straight into the arms of the goalkeeper.

Atlético-MG responded with Arana, and Allan picked up the team after a good collective plot and shot in the middle, counting on Santos ’deflected deflection to remove the paint from the beam, frightening goalkeeper João Paulo. From then on the match was very balanced, but both teams sinned at the end of the game. Another great goal-scoring opportunity came only in the stoppage time, when Sandry made a great shot to Rwan, Ângulo was fit to take first place, but Everson made a stop to secure a partial advantage for Galo.

The second time

As in the initial phase, it was Atlético-MG who came into danger for the first time in the second half. In the eighth minute, Keno found a beautiful deep pass to the Hulk, who faced João Paulo and ended up with a cavadinha, but the Santos goalkeeper was not fooled, scoring. The assistant marked the Atletico striker offside, but was in a legal situation.

Almost on the next move, it was Santos who gave in to the fear. Rwan hit the post, from the edge of the area, and sealed the post. The ball bounced off Everson’s goal and Zanocelo’s shot went just wide of the post.

The match was frantic, and Galo, in a counterattack, did not spread it, as Lucas Pires fell to Savinho when he was almost facing João Paulo. At first, the referee only gave the left-back a yellow card, but after a review of the VAR, he finally sent off the Santos player. With a free kick, Hulk dropped the bomb and saw the ball explode on the post.

But, when everyone was already claiming the victory of Atlético-MG, the VAR intervened, giving Santos a golden chance to avoid a setback. In a free kick from the right, Eduardo Bauermann went down into the area, and after a review with the help of technology, the referee awarded a penalty. Rwan went for the free kick and did not waste it, guaranteeing a draw with a touch of victory in Belo Horizonte.


Place: Mineirão, Belo Horizonten (MG)
Date: Saturday, June 11, 2022
Hour: 19:00 (from Brazil)
Referee: Marcelo de Lima Henriquec (CE)
Contributors: Nailton Junior de Sousa Oliveira (CE) and Renan Aguiar da Costa (CE)
VAR: Rafael Traci (SC)

Goal: Sávio, 5th quarter 5th (Atlético-MG); Ruan, 2 of 39 (Santos)
Yellow cards: Guilherme Arana, Allan, Jair (Atlético-MG); Angelo (Santos)
Red card: Lucas Pires (Santos)

ATLETIC-MG: Everson; Guga, Junior Alonso, Réver and Arana; Allan, Jair and Nacho; Keno, Savio (Ademir) and Hulk.
Technician: Antonio ‘Turco’ Mohamed

SAINTS: João Paulo, Madson, Maicon, Bauermann, Lucas Pires, Rodrigo Fernández (Camacho), Sandry, Zanocelo (Angelo), Rwan, Angulo (Felipe Jonatan) and Lucas Braga (Bruno Oliveira).
Technician: Fabian Bustos

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