turnaround of SPFC and Marcelo on Ronaldo’s radar

The national and international soccer market remains turbulent, with speculation and consequences amid the opening of the transfer window.

In Brazil, the highlight will go to the soap opera involving Flamengo’s possible deal with striker Éverton Cebolinha, who is defending for Benfica.

In Europe, the news revolves around the future of side Marcelo, striker Luis Suárez and midfielder Paulo Dybala.

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Young and valued

Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Agência Corinthians

Defender Robert Renan has only played one game as a professional for the Corinthians and could already be worth about 12 million pounds in the ball market (about R $ 74.5 million at current prices). In recent days, the 18-year-old has received votes from two Premier League teams, whose names have not been revealed. The English were willing to make the millionaire’s proposal to Alvinegro to take the defender.

Representatives of the athlete are in London and are talking to possible people interested in removing the defender from the Corinthians. Robert Renan is still part of Timão’s basic categories, but is a name used by Vítor Pereira in CT Joaquim Grava’s training.


The three games that São Paulo can play without relying on Arboleda have an atmosphere of final chances for Miranda. Little used at the time, the defender looks like a card almost out of the deck, and the close proximity to the end of his contract shows that his second Morumbi spell is almost over.

Actions against Avaí, Coritiba and América-MG, however, provided new gas. In front of the Minas Gerais team, in Morumbi, the veteran received the award for best on the field, in a game in which his team played worse and required a lot of work from his defense to leave with three points. Miranda has a contract with São Paulo until the end of the year, but both sides are wary of facing the change.

Flamengo’s next steps

Éverton Cebolinha, now at Benfica, during a match for the Brazilian team - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram
Photo: Playback/Instagram

Flamengo and Benfica have agreed to move to Everton Cebolinha. Various features heard on the blog signal optimism of a positive outcome. The conversations started (and didn’t end) earlier this year helped keep the processes going forward so far. Significant progress is expected in the coming days.

Fla. Signs that there are 14 million euros (about R $ 74.6 million) in installments (probably over three years) for 100% of the economic rights, and Benfica wants about 16 million euros (R $ 85.2 million). This difference of 2 million euros can be resolved with bonuses for the purposes achieved. If the clubs reach a definite deal, Everton Cebolinha will have to sign a long-term contract.

The fate of Suarez

Luis Suarez’s future has been estimated by many clubs since May, when Atletico Madrid announced they would no longer renew the striker’s contract. The player now has a new possible fate. According to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, the Uruguayan is being offered by Juventus.

Massimiliano Allegri, coach of the Turin team, revealed that he wants to strengthen the team with experienced and quality players, such as Pogba and Di María that the club is looking for – and Suárez will also fit this profile desired by coach.

Dybala is close to Inter Milan

Inter Milan are nearing a deal for the signing of Paulo Dybala, according to “Tuttosport”. The club will offer a four-year contract, but the salary issue has yet to be resolved to seal the deal.

The Nerazzurri team is offering 5.5 million euros (R $ 29 million), in addition to 1.5 million euros (R $ 7.9 million) in bonuses. However, around the Argentine striker is aiming to receive 8 million euros (R $ 42.5 million).

And Inter is here?

In Brazil, Internacional is nearing completion of the sale of Rodrigo Dourado to San Luís, out of Mexico. The gaucho club have settled the final details of the 27-year-old midfielder’s negotiations. This season, Dourado has played 20 games, scored three goals and provided one assist.

He is the longest -serving player in the squad today, regularly defending Inter’s first team since 2015, with his debut taking place in 2012.

Ronaldo wants to trust Marcelo

Marcelo, Real Madrid winger - Angel Martinez/Getty Images - Angel Martinez/Getty Images
Photo: Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Marcelo said goodbye to Real Madrid on Monday and has no club. The side revealed that he wants to continue working in European football and has received votes from several clubs. According to the program “El Partidazo” on the radio “COPE”, Real Valladolid, owned by Ronaldo, wants to trust the Brazilian player.

One of Marcelo’s dreams is to stay close to his family in Madrid, where he has lived since 2007, when he joined Real Madrid. The real Valladolid believes this will be an important point in the full-back countdown, as the city is close to the Spanish capital.

Talking about Phenomenon …

Divided between Brazil and Spain, Ronaldo Nazário has been preparing for a slightly longer season in Brazil since he took over from Cruzeiro’s management. The Phenomenon will spend about 20 days in the country and its first appointment in Raposa on Thursday (16), in front of the Ponte Preta, at 4 pm (GMT), for the 13th round of the Série competition B.

Ronaldo is already in Brazil. The Phenomenon landed in São Paulo, yesterday (13), where it lives. The presence of the former country striker will coincide with market movements that are likely to take place this month, as the national transfer window reopens on July 18. For the Serie B controversy, Cruzeiro has announced eight reinforcements in April under the seal of Ronaldo, who already owns 90% of the SAF: goalkeeper Gabriel Mesquita, defender Zé Ivaldo, midfielder Neto Moura, midfielder Leo Pais and forwards Rafa Silva, Luvannor, Jajá and Rodolfo.

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