Turkey’s offer for Gabigol; news in Palmeiras; Peter in Serie A

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Another day with highlights of the Brazilian football market. Flamengo star Gabigol has said “yes” to an offer to move to Fenerbahçe, Jorge Jesus ’new club. Midfielder Pedrinho, ex-Corinthian, will be the Atlético-MG player from July. And a new midfielder working in Mexico has been offered by Palmeiras.

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According to journalist Jorge Nicola, in his column in Superesportes, striker Pedrinho, from Shakhtar Donetsk, Ukraine, is targeted by Atlético-MG to be a reinforcement from July.

To persuade the Ukrainian team to accept the negotiation, Galo intends to apply for Pedrinho’s loan for a year, but has an obligation to buy at the end of the season.

In this way the club was able to buy the rights to side Guilherme Arana, next to Sevilla, from Spain.


During the ‘Arena 98’ program, on Rádio 98FM, presenter Heverton Guimarães announced that there is a possibility that the striker will come to strengthen Galo. If there is no power for a lot of investment in signatures, Kardec is the profile the Minas Gerais club is looking for.

“Alan Kardec maybe, I’m not hitting, but he can strengthen Atlético-MG. In the conditions that Atlético-MG get the players, it’s a name that is currently under negotiation, but it has not been ruled out for now, ”Héverton said.

When contacted by an Atlético source, Jorge Nicola reported that alvinegro declined interest. “No one in Galo has confirmed that they are interested in the player, but that’s how it is. Athlete leaders prefer to be given this kind of news,” he said.


According to journalist Jorge Nicola, Brazilian midfielder Higor Meritão, who is defending Pumas, from Mexico, was offered to Palmeiras.

The 27-year-old player, who is on loan from the Mexican team and belongs to Ferroviária-SP, will be checked by coach Abel Ferreira before any attack from Verdão.

The alviverde team is looking for a new defensive midfielder because Jaílson is suffering a serious knee injury-he shouldn’t be out until the end of the 2022 season.


According to the Turkish newspaper ‘Fanatik’, Fenerbahçe have everything to sign Gabigol. The Flamengo striker would have positively signaled for a possible transfer.

Initially, Fenebahçe wanted to pay a certain amount for the red -black player’s debt and, later, get 50% of Brazil’s economic rights.


With the possibility of falling at any hour from coach Paulo Sousa, one of the names that could replace the coach is Leonardo Jardim, also Portuguese.

The manager has had no club since he was sacked by Al-Hilal after the Club World Cup in February this year.

The future of becoming a professional, however, is not an easy task. According to information from reporter Venê Casagrande, the coach’s salary requires a heavy investment on Flamengo’s part.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Leonardo Jardim is considered to work at the club. The professional has had his name associated with red-black at least twice in recent years.


Verdão agreed to pay US $ 10 million (about R $ 48 million) for 70% of the player’s economic rights, but the negotiations would have to spend a little on the alviverde team’s coffers.

According to journalist Jorge Nicola, Lanús demanded that Palmeiras also bear the costs of taxes and other fees for the attacker’s relocation operation. With that, the total cost of acquiring ‘Flaco’ López should reach US $ 14.3 million (R $ 68.6 million at current prices).

Borja was by far the most expensive signing Palmeiras had ever made. The operation with Atlético Nacional cost Palmeiras R $ 34 million, for 70% and then the club still got 30% for another R $ 12 million.


Denis Abrahão, vice president of Tricolor, opened the game about negotiations for the acquisition of the 35-year-old midfielder.

“We’ve been talking for a long time. It was a start to the conversation. He set the intention to come back and Grêmio also showed a desire for him to come back. As long as it adapts to the financial situation we agree with all professionals. Our reality is completely different from the past ”, said Denis Abrahão, vice-president of football for Grêmio, after the win against Novorizontino, for Série B of the Brazilian Championship, and continued:“ We are dating. In the holding stage. For a while… ”, said the leader of Grêmio.

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