Turco v Atltico ‘severe’ against Cear, but weighs in: ‘We lack to play better’

photo: Pedro Souza/Atltico

Turco recognizes need for Atltico evolution after a draw with Cear

Coach “El Turco” Mohamed said he saw an “intense and competitive” Atltico in the draw with Cear, this Wednesday (15), for the 12th round of Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. However, the Argentine coach recognized the need for evolution: “We need to play better”.

For Turco, Atlético have a “very difficult” game against Vozo. He also criticized the state of the lawn at Arena Castelo and blamed the many opportunities the team missed in the final part of the match.

“It’s a very difficult game. Lots of second balls. The grass is very bad, very hard to play, for both teams. It’s important that we come back without conceding. There are four obvious opportunities to win. game and we can’t. it will happen “, he analyzed.

Turco disagreed when asked about an alleged decrease in the team’s momentum later in the game. The Argentine coach highlighted Galo’s tactical plan at the end of the game, with four forwards.

“We ended the game with four forwards now. There were days when things didn’t go the way we wanted. We ended up with Ademir, Vargas, Sasha and Hulk. When that comes back, we’re different in tones. Seen I do something completely different, ”he said.

Cear x Atltico: photos from the match for the Brazilian Championship

Despite the circumstances, the Atlético coach praised the team’s commitment. In his assessment, players have a lot of character, even if the level of performance leaves something to be desired. Turco hopes Atltico win again at home.

“We put a lot of effort. The team has a lot of character, a lot of competition, intensity. Yes, we have to play better, but we have options on purpose and now rest, regain strength and win again. home.We have a week of three home games .: two for the Brazilian and one for the Copa do Brasil.We have to go back to win at home, where we will leave points.what we have to do: pag progress at home ”, he planned.

Atltico return to the field at 4pm on Sunday (19), when they face Flamengo in Mineiro, in Belo Horizonte, for the 13th round of Serie A. do Brasil and have Fortaleza, next week, as Brazilian opponents – with all Gigante da Pampulha matches.

Under pressure from the people, Turco had to continue to rule Atltico. The match against Flamengo should have a decisive character to evaluate the continuation of the Argentine coach in Galo.

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