Turco avoids discussion about arbitration and says Atltico played to win

Photo: Pedro Souza / Atltico

Turkish Mohamed has valued the winning point away from home against Palmeiras

Atltico and Palmeiras played a very balanced game with few chances to score. Despite a 0-0 draw at Allianz Park for the Brazilian Championship, Turkish coach Mohamed liked Atltico’s performance.

After the match, the Argentine coach highlighted the difficulties that Palmeiras had in playing at home and stressed that there was little confrontation between the two teams.

“Two teams that know each other very well, a very close match, for details that can make a difference. I think we played a good game, we had a good time, but we know that Palmeiras is a difficult opponent, they respected us. We knew they would play in transition. It was a very close match, “said Galo.

Turco made it clear that Atltico had entered the field to beat Palmeiras. “We come to win, we always play to win. We can’t play without that opportunity. We always play to win. It’s harder to control in this field of play, to control the ball. We try to win. When you can’t. You win, it’s good not to lose,” he added.

No criticism of the referee

After the draw, Palmeiras coach Abel Ferreira revealed that the Brazilian referees feel harassed, especially Wilton Pereira Sampaio, the owner of the whistle this afternoon.

“I sit down when I said it was a foul because I turned yellow, and it came with that arrogance. I didn’t say anything. He will make the page, I know, but I feel persecuted by the Brazilian judge.

“I’m angry and I’m asking you not to talk about the court any more, please.”

Asked if the referee understood that the referee deserved criticism, Turkish coach Mohamed avoided joining the debate. “” MOE? Who spoke? (Abel Ferreira). I do not know. I’m not talking about the court, he did a good job, nothing more. There are five referees for the match, there was no controversial move, there is no talk of a referee, I will talk to the player about what I know on the pitch, nothing more, ”said the alvinegro captain. .

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