Tricks to control hunger and not gain weight

How to control hunger? Hunger only a a physiological need that tells you that the body must be met nutrients.

The clearest sign is a stomach upset, but sometimes that feeling doesn’t match the actual hunger.

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Knowing what motivates you to open the fridge even if you don’t need to, and learning to control it, is essential to keep your weight from rising.


The reasons for eating without real hunger are varied. and sometimes unsuspected: lack of natural light, poor sleep or stress you can whet your appetite.

Also some medicines such as corticosteroids, antiallergics, or antidepressants can cause hormonal changes that stimulate hunger more than normal.

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In fact control hunger you will find very useful to put into practice the tips we propose below.

Have a good breakfast

Skipping the first meal of the day, or based on industrialized pastry products , rich in fat and sugar (which the body assimilates quickly), it promotes a feeling of despair in the middle of the morning. And to make up for it, you’ll tend to eat high-calorie foods.

  • Remember that coffee perfect morning a dairy, a cereal and a fruit should be included.

Be careful with some add-ons

Some of them, like the following, can whet your appetite. get used to read labels among the products you will take.

  • aspartame. It is a well-known non-caloric sweetener found in hundreds of products and although it is considered safe for health, it can cause headaches, stomach and intestinal problems and increase the feeling of hunger.

Monosodium glutamate. This essential amino acid is involved in the regulation of hunger and satiety. When you take protein through food, the doses are balanced and healthy. The problem is that if it is ingested as a food additive (used in sauces, fries …), it is because the health authorities have not put any restrictions on it and, if there is an abuse, it spreads hunger.

Start using the Hunger Scale

With this Hunger Scale you will distinguish real physical hunger from what is only in your head. When you feel like eating (even if already) mark where you feel between 1 and 10.

  1. very hungry and weak
  2. angry and nervous
  3. Very hungry, his stomach “squeaks”
  4. with a bit of hunger
  5. neither hungry nor full
  6. A little full but would eat more
  7. Complete. I’m not hungry anymore
  8. It’s a bit uncomfortable to eat too much
  9. full and heavy
  10. my stomach hurts from eating


-It’s ideal eat when you are between 3 and 4 years old.

-It’s not good to wait to score number 1 if you eat and you’re done Number 5 or 6 you have to keep in mind that your hunger is definitely psychological, not real.

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When you think you are hungry, drink

Often the need to drink is mixed with hunger and that ends up eating you more, which is actually what your body needs to function when it’s water and not solid foods.

To prevent abuse, try to drink water before meals. Drinking fluids makes you feel full, so if you drink a glass before eating or if you feel like having a snack between meals, it helps. to reduce the amount of food you eat and consequently calories.

Starting a meal with a low-fat homemade broth is also a good solution. Calm the initial appetite and avoid eating large amounts of the next dish.

Try to enjoy natural light

You will notice that in autumn and winter our bodies require us to eat stronger dishes than in summer. Several studies have only shown this An extra hour of natural light a day reduces the need to eat high-calorie foods.

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  • And that light increases production serotonin, that a neurotransmitter it regulates mood and prevents hunger from getting out of control.

But in addition, natural light also helps prevent problems such as depression, insomnia, vitamin deficiency or eye fatigue.

Use a large fork and a small plate.

Don’t serve yourself in very large chunks. in fact, even if you’ve already eaten enough, you’re sure to end up with everything on the plate. In addition try using smaller plates and larger cutlery.

  • According to professors at the University of Utah (USA), there is a time lag between a person eating enough and a full stomach. To determine the latter, he has brain examines external elements. AND it shows a sign of overeating if the cutlery is large or the plate is empty.

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