Tite approved of the team’s performance in a loss: “Not just from the starters, but from the entrants” | Brazilian Team

Coach Tite said there were corrections to be made and was trying to avoid excitement, but he was satisfied with Brazil’s performance in a 5-1 win over South Korea, the biggest loss in history in seven matches between the team.

This is the first of two Asian matches in another stage of preparation for the Qatar World Cup. Next Monday, they will face Japan, at 7:20 a.m. (Brazilian time), in Tokyo.

Brazil’s goals were scored by Neymar (two penalties), Richarlison, Philippe Coutinho and Gabriel Jesus. For the South Koreans, the goal was scored by Hwang Ui-jo, striker in Bordeaux, France.

Along with assistant Cléber Xavier, coach Tite attended a press conference after the game and presented his analysis:

-The Brazilian team because it is at the performance level in our recent games. Doing this outdoors, in a different environment and situation, with our biological clock, which has a time zone, is difficult. I have to drink a bunch of coffee, and if you’re not in the right mindset, it’s hard to do that at this level of performance. I like not only who started between 11, but who entered. More than a few athletes come later and bring that level of performance. I’m talking “quick legs”. The stronger Fábio (Mahseradjian) puts in, the weaker the opponent. Selection has a pattern of performance in recent games – according to the coach.

+ Team performances: Neymar makes two penalties and Alex Sandro stands

Tite and Cléber Xavier, assistant, at the press conference after 5-1 against South Korea-Photo: Bruno Cassucci

Tite also praised the departure of Alex Sandro, the Brazilian celebrity. The Juventus player contributed three goals in the Brazilian defeat. Cléber Xavier recalled that he had new contact in the left back and explained the continuation of the player’s performance..

-Alex Sandro had a nice game of victory against Uruguay (4-1 last year). Then he had tears, wounds and could not keep up the level. We had him visit, we told him to develop. In the last game at Juventus, I watched and sent him a message congratulating him. He has a very high sense and reading of the game and behind the quality and speed of arrival. Against Peru, he also suffered a penalty in an infiltration situation, he also balanced defensive actions. He is physically good, having returned to that level, he can play a good game, like now – commented the assistant.

Tite analyzed the team’s performance against South Korea

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– Quick build and legs. Both on the outside. We adjusted at half-time because Raphinha would come to get the ball away. He built the game and thought about Neymar’s combination. In the first half we still need him on the last line and I say, “Calm down, wait”. I like to get the tie off and maintain the concentration level. On the penalty spot, we had more than a minute and a half around the ball. 1:40 a.m. until the intrusion. Alex Sandro isn’t the player who stays ahead, he’s from behind to surprise. This aspect too, take off the tie and maintain the concentration level, the ball will not burn on the foot, rotate until space is found.

-(Cléber) The Korean team is very dynamic, builds from behind and has the dynamics of scoring attack. There are six players that in 2018 beat Germany. If you don’t come in with focus, they drive you more and more aggressively.

– On the goal we claim, we have the wrong positioning. When he moved a piece, we mistakenly adjusted it and they inserted it from the inside. We needed corrections and we did it at halftime. As a mechanism, a living organism, change in many parts is difficult (for the team). His turn (South Korean striker) was an accident, the ball was injured and he turned around. We have to be careful not to change and soon this structure will disappear.

Tite analyzes Korea’s goal:

Tite analyzes Korea’s purpose: “Wrong positioning, we have corrections”

– Neymar is a bow and arrow, depending on the conditions of the game. He has that ability. At PSG, played later than Mbappé and Messi. Here, he won many awards, many arrows, the team worked to give him creativity in this aspect. We have a supportive team. When the athlete entered with a sympathetic aspect, Jesus entered. Before scoring his goal, two and three times he fell, covered. If you have a team you like, you are closer to victory. When you have a friendship, you are closer to doing something more. It’s not drooling, it’s football known. If you’re quick to cover up, it brings you a group -formed relationship.

“Neymar is a bow and arrow, it depends on the circumstances in which the game manifests itself” as Tite

– Not only positive aspect, I am annoyed with Fabio (Mahseredjian) who made me walk having to climb stairs and knee pain so far (laughs). Cesar Sampaio too, with the hip. I’m not an invasive guy, I try to be more discreet, my style is to talk, to say, not to get annoyed all the time, go there, come here. But develop this style of relationship. I don’t have that place to speak, but there are two players from the Brazilian team, a world champion (Juninho Paulista and César Sampaio), who have that place to speak, they know the importance of having this kind of relationship.

Is the player running through the coach?

– No. A player will run for his own pride, because he likes his job, he likes to have challenges, he likes high performance, he likes to be challenged, he likes to train well. I told the committee, it won’t show an image without a level of knowledge, because they have a position-function function that they do. Why do I close the opposite, why do I have to align? Athlete has a lot more information, they’re generations, I don’t have it on mine. Speed ​​of game execution … These aspects are important. Yesterday we talked about why there is no goal from set pieces, how things are progressing. The great Dutchman at 74 for offside. See if there is now, with VAR? It changes every season, every situation. We’re not fanatics here either, he came to Korea, hard. We are smart, with recognition.

-Naturally, with recognition, with wisdom, reinforcement in every moment. These noises from outside cannot get in here. Someone said to me: “You have to know why you win and why you lose and are tied”, otherwise, you can’t repeat the pattern and success..

– We need to maintain the pattern and give a sense of team organization. If you don’t have a sense of organization, you don’t provide opportunities, you throw an athlete on the field. People are trying to adjust. We also want to create opportunities, but more than what the players at the club and here on the national team do.

– (Cleber) There’s a process, things go inside this process. Now it’s time to analyze the game (against Korea), get what you’ve done well, get the corrections, show the athletes, in a physical and clinical sense, to see what the athletes are, and use the two days available until the game. against Japan. to define team and work. In addition to finishing the analysis of Japan, which is also playing a friendly game, so we can work out which strategy to use.

– In the last game Bruno Guimarães played like hell, he was the best in the game. At this Fred came back well. He’s more of an articulator, a player who joins the game from the front, on Richarlison’s goal … And there’s one more thing I covered: “You don’t have the pressure, you hit the goal, it’s worth your enter “. He accelerated too much … Process.

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