This ‘crypto bet’ could surpass AXS in 2022; discover web 3.0 and a 30-fold digital asset

Finally, we come to 2022, another year begins and the world of cryptocurrencies does not stop. If the cryptocurrency market was marked by the AXS ‘boom’ in 2021, Empiricus ’cryptocurrency statement 12 months ago, it’s best to focus on new bets for the new cycle.

The question he doesn’t want to keep quiet about is this: Have you ever considered the possibility of converting R $ 1,000 to R $ 30,000? And a good start to the year, investing little money in the pursuit of significant gains?

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in the first few days of the year. But believe me, yes, it is possible.

The cryptocurrency you are presented with is able to close this account: Empiricus cryptocurrency experts have detected an alternative to multiply by 30 times. if you thought about it Bitcoinor in a new projection Axie Infinityyou are wrong

This asset is part of a new trend in the digital age Web 3.0with the potential to deliver explosive profits in the long run.

If your goal is to earn more than your goal two figures In your account in 2022, that is opportunity you were waiting.

Earlier last year, he called a cryptocurrency under the radar AXS presented an excellent opportunity for entry. And Empiricus Research’s cryptocurrency group, Brazil’s largest independent financial analytics firm, made a purchase recommendation in January.

Since then, Axie Infinity has submitted the following assessment:

This means that those who invested 5,000 BRLs in this asset ended 2021 as millionaires.

And history may repeat itself in 2022. A new digital asset under the radar it once again caught the attention of Empiricus ’team of cryptography experts. This cryptocurrency is directly linked to a new model of the Internet: a more accessible and revolutionary infrastructure, known as Web 3.0.

I know that past performance is not a guarantee of future performance, but follow the information presented in this text to understand how new internet and because it makes a lot of sense to invest little money in such assets.

At first, Web 3.0 may seem a little complicated, but we’ll explain it to you as best we can, and you’ll see that the future of the Internet may be simpler than you think. It also brings amazing opportunities for your investment.

You will have access to very important information, which will make you part of a select group of investors who are already investing in the exponential nature of the new Internet economy.

Understand why this cryptocurrency is so promising

This cryptocurrency is part of WEB 3.0, which is a set of ideas, projects and protocols that aim to create a new internet infrastructure. Web 3.0 enables cheaper, more accessible, and more transparent digital business models.

With a decentralized structure, users will have autonomy over their data and available digital services. In other words, this will be a revolutionary feat for the internet.

Understand the evolution of the Internet:

  • THE Web 1.0 it was the first internet sighting in the world. www and the different sites available.
  • THE web 2.0 It led to the creation of social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.
  • But it’s inside Web 3.0 that as the blockchain enters, the money on the internet changes.

Now look at Web 3.0 alternatives for applications that already exist in Web 2.0:

Source: Themerkle

Blockchain offers a complete monetary system for the digital world. And in the case of the cryptographic asset you know, the protocol allows anyone to have wireless internet access through the network coverage provided by hotspots.

There is already a decentralized app store for games running on the blockchain, DappRadar.

See some examples:

Dapp Radar decentralized app store screen

This asset changes the logic of centralization in the processes of distribution and access to the Internet as it does today. This is precisely why some crypto-experts see a explosive earning potential.

This cryptocurrency can already multiply by 30x

In 2021 alone, this asset yielded 2,945%. According to a study conducted by Empiricus specialist Valter Rebelo, this asset still has room for new exponential valuations.

Empiricus ’team of crypto experts has a forecast that this asset could already yield an annual return of 30x. In other words, if you invest BRL 1,000 in this asset today, you can earn BRL 30,000 in 2022.

According to them, in a conservative scenario, that is, this cryptography is the origin of a company, and if it continues to do its homework, without exponential progress and making continuous profits, it already has the potential to transform an investment. R $ 1 thousand, for example, R $ 30 thousand in annual profit.

It can reach 50,000% of profits

However, cryptocurrency expert Valter Rebelo says that in the long run, the cryptocurrency group Empiricus sees even greater chances of profitability, up to 50,000%.

This cryptocurrency has the potential to change the entire internet we know today, and you have the opportunity to invest in it before anyone else.

“Now is the best time to buy” said the expert

Valter explains this projection:

  • This cryptocurrency has a strong foundation, halving its issuance every two years, which means control over supply.
  • In addition to being useful, deflation is also an asset.
  • Poor bids specified by the code added to the demand based on availability may lead to an asset valuation.

In other words, this cryptocurrency predicts a reduction in supply, but has the potential to be in high demand, a macro scenario that favors the rise of protocol.

Invest in the opportunity to make a small and big profit

But how much are you willing to invest in building or growing your estate?

This is a differential in the world of cryptocurrencies, where you can make significant gains with little investment. The cryptocurrency you are going to find is currently costing you a whopping R $ 200.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Remember that this asset has the potential to multiply your investment by 30 times in the short to medium term.

And if you’re one of those people who missed out on AXS earnings in 2021, this is your chance to turn the situation around and make a bigger profit this year, which is just getting started.

Many will be afraid to invest in this asset. Many will be wary of this brilliant opportunity, but you will stand out from all of them and look for amazing gains.

But first, I need to keep you open to an investment that is out of the ordinary and quick to make it work. Crypto experts say: “In the marketplace, the one who understands the most does not make a profit. The one who takes the right position at the right time wins. ”

The time has come.

You will discover the cryptographic asset that can turn your investment around with the advent of web 3.0. And now that you have information on this new model of the internet, I urge you to watch this video to understand all the basics of the projection of this asset.

By clicking here, you will find an explanation that Valter Rebel has prepared especially for you. In addition to providing detailed data on this digital asset, Rebel will also provide you with details on the potential evolution of cryptography and give you free access to become one of the pioneers in this new cryptocurrency mine.

The message has already been delivered, now I hope to be quick and not waste time. Click on the button below and learn how to start earning 2022 30 times more with this crypto indication:

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