‘They thought for a long time that I was trying to get attention’ – Saúde

Age: 26 years old

History: In addition to dealing with chronic pain from an early age, he had to deal with the misunderstandings of others.

and the limits of your body

Homemade, complaining, sick girl. There were several nicknames Isa Meneghini earnings over a lifetime. He told his colleagues about the pain he felt in his body, but few listened. In 2012, with the diagnosis fibromyalgia, a generalized chronic pain syndrome, Isa at least got proof of her pain. But the verdict was still high.

“I often felt guilty. Did I try hard enough when I had to deal with anger, pain, incomprehension. And it was one of the hardest things to deal with, you know. Because I want to be in places, I want to get away, but he’s much stronger than me. I respect myself today, ”he said in a video interview with The Stay.

THE characterized by fibromyalgia substance of excessive pain in the brain (substance P). Thus, the sufferer suffers from hypersensitivity to pain and chronic fatigue.

The situation is incurable, but varies in location and intensity over the years. Precisely because it’s something internal, there are a lot of misunderstandings from people close to you who might interpret the complaints as drama, abuse, or falsehood.

In the case of actress Isa Meneghini, this misunderstanding had a profound effect on her life. “For a long time they thought I was in pain from growing up or trying to pay attention,” he says. He says he went through many doctors to get a diagnosis, after all, many diseases have a symptom of chronic pain. But to date, he has not been shown pain. “Every time I went to a course, or to college classes, I had to send a letter every month with a bunch of medical reports to prove my condition.”

The worst pain came at the age of 13, which prompted Isa to seek out a physiotherapy clinic. But to be socially accepted, he spent many years forcing himself to live as if nothing had happened. “I used to try to live a normal life when I couldn’t. I would go to shows, bars, even things that don’t cause chronic pain, ”he recalls.

He finally found his condition at the age of 16, when he joined a program at the Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo, where he underwent appropriate treatment: medication, emotional care therapy, and physical exercise. Yes. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, bodybuilding – and the release of serotonin and endorphins – can help you deal with pain. Still, it hurts.

“I do yoga, dance, weight training and physiotherapy. Of course, when I’m in a lot of pain, especially on my feet, I can’t dance. But overall, it makes me feel good, ”he admits.

BARNE. With more physical pain under control, Isa found that there was still a long way to go to treat headaches. “For a long time, I hid my situation in different situations, because people’s incomprehensibility and lack of empathy are terrible,” he recalls. He said people offer miraculous recipes to cure the disease or treat it like a “crystal” because they think they can’t do anything about it.

“People don’t care what we say. My family also discredited me. In fact, they prefer to believe what you think is best for you – or not. ”

The lack of reception made him feel very alone and sometimes useless. Anger led him to the Internet. “I also thought about deleting the post soon, but a lot of people came to talk to me. I feel a little wet, embarrassed, I feel like not talking about it, but I usually get a lot of nice messages, ”he reveals.

LIMITS. Today, in addition to being a support network with virtual friends, Isa has decided to put limits on her personal and professional life, especially to value herself. “It simply came to our notice then. I’ve done a lot of that to please people and things like that. Not now, ”he says. To do this, he had to look for a support network among trusted people who would understand his limitations.

“I learned to run after my rights and understand that this is a condition of mine, you know?” He concluded. According to Isa, it is an everyday construction. “It’s about trying to understand and understand what each person is all about.” l

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