The veto on Sampaoli Atlético-MG changed the history of Veiga in Palmeiras

Can you imagine what the victorious Palmeiras campaign would have been like in the 2020 and 2021 editions of the Copa Libertadores without the presence of Raphael Veiga? As one of Alviverde’s protagonists, it’s hard to know what it would be like to be sidelined lately. That’s what was very close to happening when world football came to a standstill as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. This Sunday’s opponent (5) is part of a decision that completely changed the history of Atlético-MG Veiga at the São Paulo club.

Between March and July 2020, the clubs gave the players a break due to a break, had a long pre-season and moved the ball market while they waited for the release of the bodies responsible for returning football matches. At the time, Raphael Veiga had a foot and a half inside the Cidade do Gallo. Outside the schedule of the then-palmeirense coach Vanderlei Luxembourg, the midfielder’s loan was written to Atlético-MG, through football director Alexandre Mattos, at the time at the club Minas Gerais.

Jorge Sampaoli’s desire was to hire a ‘shirt 10’, and it was Veiga’s coach who introduced the name to the Argentine coach. Mattos was the football director of Palmeiras between 2014 and 2019, so he took over from Raphael Veiga Coritiba in November 2016 and was responsible for taking him to the Football Academy. But the Argentine coach did not want the midfielder Galon, confusing the negotiation that had already been discussed.

“Sampaoli vetoed the negotiations [Raphael Veiga]. He was not playing for Palmeiras until mid-2020, “said Mattos, a month after he and Jorge Sampaoli were at Atletico.

The pattern of negotiations between Palmeiras and Gallo was the same as that of Hyoran’s loan. UOL Sport. The midfielder, too, landed at Hyoran Belo Horizonte in early 2020, on a temporary lease, and Gallo had established the value of buying the player’s financial rights. This is what the alvinegra commission did in early 2021, when it paid R $ 7.5 million for 50% of the rights. It would be the same with Veiga: the loan and the value fixed by a percentage of the rights.

The arrival of Abel Ferreira

Raphael Veiga and Abel Ferreira in Palmeiras training

Image: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras

In addition to Jorge Sampaoli’s veto, another decisive factor in Raphael Veiga’s change to Palmeiras’ shirt was the hiring of Abel Ferreira. The midfielder has only had one real match sequence since the arrival of Portuguese coach Verdão.

Until then, Veiga Palmeiras was just another good player in the qualifying team. Hired at the end of 2016, but to play from 2017 onwards, Raphael Veiga had a prudent first season, scoring just 22 games and scoring two goals. A few chances led to the player being transferred to Athletico-PR, and his return to Curitibar did very well for the midfielder. Veiga was the starter of Hurricane when he won the 2018 South American Cup, which gave him a new chance at Palmeiras.

But 2019 was not the same as in 2017, and so was 2020. Veiga was not a starter, he was not important and he was one of the athletes who made the ball available in the market. That was until October 2020, when Palmeiras moved to Luxembourg for Abel. The rest is history.

Atletico MG’s old dream

Raphael Veiga scores Luan, Coritiba x Atletico-MG, Brasileirão 2016 - Bruno Cantini / Atlético-MG - Bruno Cantini / Atlético-MG

Raphael Veiga scores Luan in Coritiba x Atlético-MG for Brasileirão 2016

Image: Bruno Cantini / Atlético-MG

The signing of Raphael Veiga is an old dream for Atletico-MG. If Jorge Sampaoli’s veto in 2020 was an obstacle to the negotiation, he twice overcame the case of midfielder Galo. The first of these was for Palmeiras in 2016.

At the age of 21, the current 23-man Palmeiras jersey was one of the promises made by Coritiba in Brasileirão that year and sparked the interest of many clubs, including Atlético, who ended the title fight once and for all after a Veiga goal. Galo was seven points clear of Palmeiras with five days to go before Cox won 2-0 at Couto Pereira. Raphael Veiga made a great block, though.

The match was played on November 6, 2016, one week before Veiga signed a contract with Palmeiras. After the defeat against Coritiba, the young player who stood out in the match and scored a beautiful goal went after the board of the alvinegra. But later it was too late, after all, the São Paulo club arrived earlier and the negotiation was quite advanced. Palmeiras paid R $ 4.5 million for 50% of the rights.

A year later, he tried to sign Atletico Raphael Veiga again. As the midfielder did not fare well in the first season with Palmeiras’ shirt, he was put on loan. It was then headed by Sérgio Sette Câmara, a friend of Alexandre Mattos, who was the director of Palmeiras at the time, and Gallo had a good time with the Alviverde team. But the decision of the player prevailed, who chose to go to Athletico-PR.

In the 2018 season, Palmeiras left defender Juninho, midfielder Arouca and strikers Erick and Róger Guedes to join Minas Gerais.

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