The SP Committee once again recommends the use of masks indoors – 31/05/2022

The São Paulo Scientific Commission, which advises the state government on actions against covid-19, has again recommended the use of protective masks in enclosed areas of the state. The use of this protective element is not mandatory, however, and no fines are foreseen.

In a statement, Governor Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB) said that government scientists had seen an increase in the number of cases and hospitalizations, “thanks to the extensive vaccination coverage of the State of São Paulo without increasing the proportion of deaths.”

The commission recommended the use of masks in closed non-compulsory establishments, not to change the current legislation for use only in hospital settings and on public transport in São Paulo. “
State Department of Health Release

“The group also recommended that municipalities increase the active search for those who missed the 2nd and 3rd doses for adults and the 4th dose for those over the age of 60. Applied in the state, ”says the text, referring to the reinforcement of young people between the ages of 12 and 17.

Increased cases and hospitalizations

To UOLSecretary of State for Health Jean Gorinchteyn says there is no reason for the use to be mandatory.

The number of cases and hospitalizations has risen, but they are far from what we are facing in the face of the second wave of pollution and the year 2022. Given the rise in cases and low temperatures, there is a recommendation. use masks in enclosed spaces. ‘
Jean Gorinchteyn, Secretary of State for Health

The Secretary mentioned the data on the reception of the ICU. According to Gorinchteyn:

  • At the height of the second wave, in April last year, the state recorded a ceiling of 13,150 hospital ICUs.
  • At the start of the ômicron variant, in early January this year, São Paulo hospitalized 4,084 in intensive care beds.
  • There are currently 777 admitted to the ICU.

Currently, 8,421 covid-19 cases have been registered in the state and 43 deaths from the disease, according to the São Paulo management system.

The number of registered cases has risen by 84% in the last two weeks, according to data from the state government. The average number of new enrollments per week last week was 4,830, up from 2,622 last week.

Increasing the transmission rate in the country

The government of São Paulo issued a decree banning the use of masks in May 2020, shortly after the coronavirus arrived in Brazil.

The use of the protective element has been phased out since March this year after the commission assessed the state’s covid data as stable. First, the dismissal was valid only for open locations, as UOL had anticipated at the time. On March 17, then-São Paulo Governor João Doria (PSDB) announced that the mask was not mandatory even in closed environments.

During the period when the protection element was mandatory, fines were imposed on persons and establishments that did not respect the measure; the figure ranged from R $ 552.71 for individuals to R $ 5,294.38 for commercial establishments.

Now, the commission is referring to an increase in state pollution again.

In the country, he has rt it broke the safety ceiling of the new coronavirus (transmission rate) again, indicating a new growth in the disease. Scientists believe that the number 1 is the ceiling of Rt. On May 18, the index stood at 1.25, when 125 people were infected, according to a survey conducted by the pandemic monitoring platform managed by Info Tracker, USP (Universidade de São Paulo) and Unesp (Universidade Estadual Paulista). .

The end of the pandemic?

Vaccination is essential and the increase in deaths has prevented the pandemic from reaching its first wave. With 72 deaths in Covid-19 across the country, the moving average of deaths reached eight days in a steady trend yesterday, according to data from the press vehicle consortium, which is part of that UOL.

The fear that the release of the masks would make the population feel the end of the pandemic was present in the discussions of the scientific committee since the beginning of the year.

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