The Serie A team with the least playing of the year, Botafogo has a “welcome” marathon for Castro in June | botafogo

Botafogo survived last week before a marathon that would require seven games in just 20 days. Travel, decisive matches in order and little time for training and rest. A routine that can be stressful but, at the same time, also welcomed by the club.

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That’s because the team from Rio, among Serie A members, has the lowest number of games in 2022. It’s at the bottom of the list, with 23, along with Juventude. Leading the way in this matter is Palmeiras, the American champion, whose numbers have been boosted by the Club World Cup and Recopa debates, in addition to the Libertadores.

More than half of the teams have already passed the 30-game barrier, according to ge’s Statistical Spy. Which means attrition, but also opportunities to experiment with players, designs and develop chemistry. In this balance, coach Luís Castro gave preference to attempts that would give a shoot to the cast.

– Training is good for passing on our ideas, but games are good for increasing our competition – he said.

Luís Castro orders Botafogo training – Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

– For me, having played in the Champions League (Champions League) and Europa League in consecutive games, I would say that teams earn more if they play in the middle of the week. And they harvest more because the competition increases. Often, what we want to see teams implement happen in games. The more games we have, the faster we get them. ”

  1. 06/06: Botafogo vs. Goiás (Brazil)
  2. 06/09: Palmeiras vs. Botafogo (Brazil)
  3. 06/13: Botafogo vs. Avai (Brazil)
  4. 06/16: Botafogo vs. Sao Paulo (Brazil)
  5. 06/19: International vs. Botafogo (Brazil)
  6. 22 or 23/06: Copa do Brasil, opponent defined
  7. 06/26: Botafogo vs. Fluminense (Brazil)

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The month to begin will meet the desire of the Portuguese. This first week of June is just one game and consecutive days for rest and training. Starting next Monday, against Goiás, there will be seven games in 20 days. The sequence only provides relief in early July, between rounds 14 and 15 in Brasileirão.

There are six championship games and the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil. The knockout match has not yet been dated or scheduled against, but it is scheduled on the CBF calendar for weeks 22 and 23. The board for the bouts and field command is next Tuesday.

+ Luís Castro has yet to repeat the lineup

Castro looked forward to the time especially since the job was still in his infancy. If there is no pre-season, the coach wants to advance the experiments in the course of the competition. The first mission is to find the base team, which has not yet been defined.

In the coach’s first 10 games, the main headache was midfield. Lots of changes, athletes still not giving their best and an oscillation that makes the team alternate between good and bad games. Seven different players are playing in the sector, with only Oyama as a perfect starter.

Botafogo operates trains in Espaço Lonier – Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

– It’s hard because we usually build a team during the pre-season. We didn’t have that time and we did it on time. If I do that in the preseason it will be considered normal. As was done during the championship, there was a lot of oscillation – Luís Castro examined.

The main question is midfield, but the attack also needs attention. For now, Erison and Victor Sá are together, but untouchable. In addition to the builders still looking for adaptation, the club understands it needs more signatures, so it is looking for a striker and market points. The defense is the biggest guarantee so far, with Gatito, Saravia, Kanu, Cuesta and Daniel Borges being consolidated among the holders.

– The ideal is to have a base 11, which is constantly playing, which leads our way of playing the field on a regular and consistent basis – summed up the coach.

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