The Miami Heat passed close by, but it actually lost a star

Joel Embiid may be the reason and the Miami Heat are missing a star to beat the Boston Celtics. Recently, the Philadelphia Center took to Twitter to comment on the topic as it watched the fifth game in the series. Although he could continue or defend on his behalf, the fact is that the Florida team needs something more to become champions.

The Heat, for the second time in three years, played in the Eastern Finals, both against the Boston Celtics. For starters. still in the Disney bubble, he beat Boston in six games. This time it dropped to seven, but it could go on. One detail aside and maybe a star.

It should be noted, according to the committee, that the name was Kyle Lowry. But the season has shown that this is not the case and that the scorer is closer to retirement than leading the team to the title. Lowry was irregular, but at 36, he can’t be expected to be the same as he was at the time of the Toronto Raptors, mostly living with injuries.

Tyler Hero, the best reserve of the season, failed miserably in the playoffs and failed to give Heat that “blow” that a sixth man could give him. Although, like Lowry, Hero was also injured in the final series. All of this bothered him and left the Miami team lacking in what he could do. It seemed to me that it was time for more.

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However, you can’t be a fool and blame Jimmy Butler for the knockout. After all, blaming the Heat mana limits madness in a conference decision. However, it can’t be ruled out that if the Miami Heat had another star (they were missing out), Butler wouldn’t have to do the same. ball hero in that three-point shot when the team was on the two-sided side. But if the ball went down, the critics would give way to praise, as always.

Bam Adebayo doesn’t get enough balls in Spoesltra’s scheme, it’s true. But that seems to have more to do with the player’s own style or the size of the league. How many times have you seen Adebayo decide to catch the ball? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. One such case is that if he had been on another team, he would have been an All-Star (once upon a time), selected for the ideal league team (he was part of three defenders, but not in the NBA).

So maybe it’s time for the Heat to take the next step, to make timely exchanges.

Who exchanged?

The Miami Heat need a star and this guy was missing in the series against the Boston Celtics. To give you an idea, only Jimmy Butler (25.6 points) and Bam Adebayo (15.0) had double-point averages in the Eastern Finals. Knowing that the team is “stuck” with Kyle Lowry for another two seasons and that Butler will turn 33 next season, the idea of ​​management should be to win now. So you have to act.

I don’t know if Joel Embiid was commenting or digging a hole in the heat, but he gave the world a chance that few people thought of. The center of Cameroon is in a delicate situation with the Philadelphia 76ers and may even request a trade. Nothing is fully stated, however.

But given the opportunity, Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro’s Embiid in the Heat seems reasonable for both sides. At the salary limit, the exchange is passed.

Then Miami management has to put an end to Duncan Robinson. He has a compatible salary ($ 16.9 million) to exchange with a third party. Then for a guy like Jerami Grant, for example, it’s just a matter of working on something that earns him $ 20 million.


ESPN Trading Machine

win now

The proposed idea is for the Miami Heat to be able to fight for the titles for the next two seasons. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind, but let’s face it Joel Embiid isn’t happy with how things are going for the Philadelphia 76ers (Daryl Morey wants to extend the contract of an old James Harden and other things worth another article) and Detroit Pistons Jerami Grant will negotiate (maybe even tonight draft).

So, if necessary, the Heat could hand over the 27th option in this year’s draft to the Pistons, who would also welcome two great three-pointers. It is important to note that the Detroit team had one of the worst performances in the category in 2021-22, with 32.6%.

Now, imagine a quintet with Kyle Lowry, Max Strus, Jimmy Butler, Jerami Grant and Joel Embiid. If you extend the contracts of Victor Oladipo, in addition to guaranteeing Gabe Vincent, Caleb Martin and Strusen, we have a real competitor for the 2022-23 title.

So if the Heat want to win now, the board has to act.

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