The meaning of the moon in WhatsApp: understand emojis and how to use them Social networks

The emoji of the moon are among the most understood faces by users in conversations on apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram DM. Although they are literal representations of something, images can take on different connotations in the context of message exchange and are not just related to what is displayed. In this way, like other emojis, the moon has a double meaning and can also refer to sexual propositions. See below for all the meanings of the moon’s emojis.

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WhatsApp lunar emojis can have different meanings; understand – Photo: Letícia Rosa / TechTudo

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Smile without lighting the moon or light the moon with a smile

Many users assign new meanings to emoji, even if they have nothing to do with symbolism. A light and smiling moon emoji, for example, is used to give a more provocative tone to the conversation, for example, when someone wants to show a romantic or sexual interest in another person.

Smiling Emoji of the Moon – Photo: Reproduction / Emojipedia

According to the Emojipedia website, however, the dark, smiling moon represents the new moon, while the bright moon represents the full moon. Their smiling faces mean “the joy of man when he reaches the moon.”

The moon in different phases (down, wax, new, full …)

All phases of the moon are represented in emojis. The new moon (full disk) can be used to represent night, astronomy and space without light and with some craters. The crescent moon is indicated by a half-yellow moon, curving to the right, and can be used to say good night, e.g.

Moon emojis get sexual connotations on WhatsApp, messenger for Android and iPhone (iOS) – Photo: Reproduction / Emojipedia

The full moon, a feature with a yellow circle, may also represent the night and the outer space, but it is also widely used during the Halloween holidays. Finally, the crescent moon, which is half light and half dark and cratered, can express mysterious or confused feelings, such as “feeling separated.”

Representing the descending phase, the smiling half-moon, as well as the rest of the smiling phase, expresses the joy of man on the moon. Emoji can be used to symbolize the night or to express a good night in a conversation. But WhatsApp users use this icon to communicate something else: the right-facing smiling moon means “naughty,” and the left-facing smiling moon refers to “holy” or “shy” behavior.

“What is the meaning of the emojis of the moon?”: The double meaning given to it; – Photography: Reproduction / Emojipedia

The eclipse of the lunar eclipse has three versions. The former, depicted as half-light and half-dark, may represent “hidden” feelings, according to Emojipedia, but some Internet users use it to denote oral sex. The second version, which illuminates a thin line and the rest is dark, may indicate that the person has never had sexual intercourse. The third and final, which represents more than half a light and a small dark beam, can also symbolize oral sex.

Eclipse moon emojis are used to represent sexual content in WhatsApp messages – Photo: Play / Emojipedia

It is worth noting that although new interpretations have been given, all emojis mean a lunar eclipse in its various phases.

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